PRAYER REQUESTS – January 23, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1. For God’s blessings on my parents, my family, my daughter and my fiance; that God will guide them on a righteous path and protect them.
2. That I will be kept safe; that God will watch over my fam ily and friends.
3. That I will give my life to God.
4. That my family and friends will stay in contact with me whild I am on the inside.
5. For Bob’s recovery.
6. That my sister will find God and his grace.
7. That my sister will heal quickly and deal with the loss of her leg.
8. For my bunkie and I to have a better relationship.
9. For blessings and safety for my family and friends; that this facility will find peace and calmness; for God’s favor.
10. That my faith and trust will be strengthened in God; that I will continue to heal and be delivered.
11. For all of those who are suffering through natural disasters; for safety of their families.
12. That I will receive favor from the parole borad; That my family will continue to grow in God’s word.
13. That the path I am on will not be to much for me to follow and stay focused on; that I will learn from all of my past failures.
14. For my friend Christy and her family; that I will have good health; for Jamie, Kyla, Lena, Angie and Lele to find God and follow his word.
15. For my mom, family and friends to follow God’s patha nd learn from his word.
16. For this facilty and all of the inmates; for all those who are seeing the parole borard and for those who have appeals pending.
17. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for grace and mercy.
18. PRAISE REPORT: For the miraculous recovery of my uncle Dale.
19. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my wife coming into my life; for my upcoming release; for all of the volunterers that give there time to come in and help spread God’s word; for giving your son Jesus to be in my life.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……


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