PRAYER REQUESTS – February 20, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1. That God will soften Angela’s heart and that her finances improve.

2. That Barbara’s ear infection will heal and improve so she can wear her hearing aids.

3. That Patricia’s eye heals so she can see out of both eyes; that her health improves so she can see me do good deeds and see the man I have become after 11-years of imprisonment.

4. That Heather’s marriage improves; that Lilly’s health improves.

5. For the Lord to keep me strong and help my family so that we come together.

6. That God continues to give me revelation of who he has called me to be; for my brothers to hear and understand who they are and how we can all build the body and come together on one accord; for my wife and kids to come back together and that I can be the family man God wants me to be; for strength and peace for my mom and dad and my wife Dawn.

7. That Josh may be able to move to be near his daughter Amiya and that he will be a good father.

8. That God will help me because I can’t do it by myself.

9. That the Lord will watch over and guide me as I will be going home in July after 6 years and I haven’t seen my family in all that time; that I will have a smooth transition and be able to find wo; that God’s people come into my life and make my future secure and to secure a good home church.

10. For my brother Dean to accept me at his home and gives me another chance.

11. That the Lord will keep watch over my loved ones and keep them out of harm’s way.

12 That my transfer goes well and that my parole back to Iron Mountain will be a blessing in my life; for everything to work out and for my life to fall into place; for my 3 daughters and that their mother and that I can be a part of their lives soon.

13. For the Lord to watch over our loved ones and keep us safe from evil; for Jesus to bless our friends; that we keep busy in the Lord and read our Bibles.

14. For my family to be safe and protected.

15. That Dirk receives the organ transplant that he needs to survive.

16. For all our troops overseas and all the leaders of our nation; for all the unsaved to be saved before it’s too late; for all of God’s missionaries to work effectively and to return to their loved ones; for all in authority.

17. That my deferral is turned into a parole upon completion of my classes; for health and safety of my family.

18. For forgiveness of my sin; that the Lord will help the church at IBC grow and multiply in spirit and truth; that the Father open the eyes of the blind to see and know we are here for his glory.

19. That my family is well and provided for; that I will get scheduled for my MSOP classes.

20. That I will hear from my family; for strength with my addiction and that I am not tempted by it in the future; that I will give up all the worry in my life.

21. That God will watch over my uncle Dale who is recovering from the flu; that I will receive wisdom and knowledge.

22. For my mom Margaret will continue to grow in God; that my aunt Angie will stay faithful.

23. That the Lord will bring peace to the kitchen staff.

24. For God to continue to bless my life and my wife, who is the love of my life.

25. That my aunt Kathy will accept Christ.

26. That my older brother will get over the past and start talking to my mother.

27. For God to bless my friends Jessica and Andrew who are expecting a baby.

28. That all the Christians in the world would pray daily.

29. That God will bless brother T who is in the hole for a violation.

30. For my family and kids; that God will keep his loving arms around us and our relationship will be strengthened.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


PRAYER REQUESTS – February 13, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:
1.For my wife Tyritta who is dealing with a legal issues; for her to have peace and strength and learn from the situation and draw her closer to Jesus.
2. For God to bless Chad and Bonnie and fill their hearts with love for God and each other; for God to help Joel as he adjusts to life in prison.
3. That the Lord will keep watch over me.
4. That the Lord will keep my family and the CO’s safe and blessed; for the lord to bless my wife Liz with a job so she can keep the bills paid.
5. That the Lord will help with my high blood pressure.
6. For God to help me find my true purpose; that God will help me to be the man he wants me to be; that I will speak about what God is doing in my life to others; that God will help me to make better use of my time; for my family’s safety; for my dad and his shop to be blessed with consistent work.
7. For our troops over seas and our president; for God to open the eyes of all the unbelievers; that God will bless all the missionaries around the world.
8. For the body of Christ to stand strong in the faith.
9. That God will keep me strong with my family and touch the hearts of my friends so that they make the right choices.
10. For the Lord’s help in protecting my mind against the enemy; that God will help me discern my call and how I can best serve the men here at CF now and moving forward; for the Lord to grow me and strengthen my weakness and help me turn to Christ.
11. For my brothers sin; that my bunkie gets a parole and can leave here and start a new life; for brother Ray going home this week to find life on the outside to be accepting.
12. For us to bring others to the church so we can grow the Christian faith; for my dad, that God touches him and heals his neck pain; for my friend Kerie that God keeps healing her and that she gets out of the hospital this week; for Brother Mart’s son Dirk that he keeps getting better and beats this cancer.
13. That my friend John beats his cancer and for God to touch and heal; for all my family that God watches over them and protects them and keeps them all healthy and keeps the devil and demons away from them; that God continues to build me up and work in me to be a mighty warrior for Him.
14. For God’s authority to minister his word in Spirit and truth and to spread his love and kingdom.
15. That Jesus will impart his discipline into the hearts of the brothers here at IBC; for Jesus to help them to honor their authority figures and follow the laws of the compound; for God to also bring my bunkie into his Christian family.
16. For my sister Tammy who will be having surgery next week.
17. That God will help me and my family to focus on him and not the way that out lives are going on a daily basis; for protection and blessing on my family and myself.
18. That God will open peoples eyes and let them care more for others then for themselves.
19. That the Lord will watch over my family and friends.
20. That God will give me courage to overcome the temptations I face in daily life; for blessings, mercy and peace to be found here at IBC; for the lost to open their heart, eyes and mind and accept Jesus.
21. For our President and country to be blessed and live in harmony and peace.
22. That God will redeem my heart and mind and remove the hate, lust, pride, hypocrisy, and greed; renew the minds of the lost and confused.
23. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my freedom, my wife and financial security.
Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……


PRAYER REQUESTS: February 06, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:
1. For my dad to get out of the hospital and the doctors and God heal his neck; for my friend Kerie who’s in the hospital that God touches and heals her; for Mart’s son Dirk, that his health increase each day and somebody is willing to donate their bone marrow to him; for my dad’s friend John who has cancer.
2. For every one to know that God loves them right where they are; for more unity at the Dorms; to see God’s mighty hand in our lives.
3. For my family to have peace, love and joy; for my wife to have the strength to continue to be a great mother, friend, and wife; for my mom and dad and for the shop to stay consistent; for my kids to get and stay healthy.
4. For my family.
5. For my future as I just received a parole and will be going home after 6 years inside.
6. For my family’s health and safety; to keep our countenance high, bind the hands of the devil and hold back darkness from my family and father.
7. For me as I have to start new with no family, no help, no clothes, no food and no licence; for my 3 daughters, that we will be together soon.
8. For the Lord to keep watch over me; for God to watch over my baby and my girlfriend.
9. For my parole; for our troops and world leaders; for the USA and for the nation of Israel and it’s leaders; for God’s missionaries and for the unbelievers.
10. For me and my family; for all of the guys here; that God will keep us safe from Satan and evil things.
11. For my brother who has cancer; for me and my future after i’m released.
12. For all of those who are unemployed.
13. That TJ’s mom with get healthy again.
14. For my mental evaluation; for our new pastor to have peace and happiness.
15. That my family and I will stay close until I am allowed to return home and for an easy transition on the outside.
16. That my mom’s health will return.
17. For God to bless my marriage.
18. That my divorce will go as smoothly as possible and that we will be able to stay friends in the future.
19. That my 20-year old son will will make good decisions in his life and follow the right path that God has layed out for him.
20. That the Grand Valley program will receive a financial blessing to keep doing there work in the community.
21. For my giorlfriend and our families.
22. That God will continue to strenghten, heal, deliver and feed me his word.
23. For the mom and family of the man who’s life I took. Let them find peace and healing and hopefully some day find it in their heart to forgive me.
24. For all the men in this facility to find God and hear his word.
25. That my mom and dad will have a happy 48th anniversary.
26. That I will hear from my family; for strength, happiness, joy and power to overcome my addiction; that my dad’s health will improve; that I will hear from my lawyer.
27. That God will give my mom and aunt strength and to continue to share his word with them.’
28. For my grandma’s heart to start operating better and stay in a good rhythm.
29. For my brother who just had a successful surgery.
30. For all of my upcoming legal problems.
31. For my mom who has had a few miny strokes recently; for all of those who are homeless, unelpoyed and hungry.
32. That my mom’s gums will heal so that she can get new dentures.
33. For all of those who are suffering from cancer, diabeties and other health problems.
34. That I will receive my parole.
35. That I will be able to write my wife and see my parents soon.
36. For God to heal and cure all of thise who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.
37. That I will finally get an answer to who I am always sick.
38. That my 11-year old sons will start to find answers in their lives and that God will help them find the path he has set for them.
Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……


PRAYER REQUESTS: January 30, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1. That my family will stay together; that I will be able to return home soon.
2. That my baby noiece will be healed from her sleep apnea.
3. That my mom will find comfort in her new apartment.
4. For my dad to be healed from his mental illness; that my dad will be able to get his financial issues under control.
5. That I will be reconsiled with my son; for God to give me guidance, strength, wisdom, confidence and courage as I continue my journey.
6. For God to be with my family and brother L; That my brother will have a strong faith and for his upcoming marriage.
7. That my family will be able to get our house back; that my wife and family will be able to endure until I return home.
8. For God’s will to be done on earth.
9. That the children of God will have favor with all mankind.
10. That I will receive wisdom when I write to the parole board; that my finances will change for the better.
11. That my sister will become whole and know Jesus as her savior.
12. For Jesus to heal the world and bring us peace.
13. That my family will receive peace.
14. For protection of my family and friends; that God will continue to show me the path.
15. That I will be a faithful witness and help to spread God’s word.
16. For me to be healed; that my nieces will find God.
17. For God to bless my life.
18. For my relationship with the Lord to become stronger.
19. That God will bring healing and closure for all of the divsion in my family.
20. For all of those who are suffering and in pain to find God’s healing hand.
21. For all of those who have no one toi pray for them; that my brother will be healed from his cancer.
22. That the Christian church will grow and need to add additional services to handle the crowds of believers.
23. Blessings for my wife and kids; that KB will be healed from his chest pain and enlarged prostrate.
24. That God will continue to heal and bless me and to give me strength and happiness in life.
25. For all those struggling with their faith; for brother C who is having a hard time with his parole decision.
26. That my sister will get help in caring for our mother.
27. That God will give all Christians wisdom and knowledge of his word.
28. That I will get a visit from my family and friends.
29. That my pastor and his family will be blessed.
30. For HGod to strengthen my faith and to help me fight off the evil desires that are being thrown at me.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……