PRAYER REQUESTS – February 20, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1. That God will soften Angela’s heart and that her finances improve.

2. That Barbara’s ear infection will heal and improve so she can wear her hearing aids.

3. That Patricia’s eye heals so she can see out of both eyes; that her health improves so she can see me do good deeds and see the man I have become after 11-years of imprisonment.

4. That Heather’s marriage improves; that Lilly’s health improves.

5. For the Lord to keep me strong and help my family so that we come together.

6. That God continues to give me revelation of who he has called me to be; for my brothers to hear and understand who they are and how we can all build the body and come together on one accord; for my wife and kids to come back together and that I can be the family man God wants me to be; for strength and peace for my mom and dad and my wife Dawn.

7. That Josh may be able to move to be near his daughter Amiya and that he will be a good father.

8. That God will help me because I can’t do it by myself.

9. That the Lord will watch over and guide me as I will be going home in July after 6 years and I haven’t seen my family in all that time; that I will have a smooth transition and be able to find wo; that God’s people come into my life and make my future secure and to secure a good home church.

10. For my brother Dean to accept me at his home and gives me another chance.

11. That the Lord will keep watch over my loved ones and keep them out of harm’s way.

12 That my transfer goes well and that my parole back to Iron Mountain will be a blessing in my life; for everything to work out and for my life to fall into place; for my 3 daughters and that their mother and that I can be a part of their lives soon.

13. For the Lord to watch over our loved ones and keep us safe from evil; for Jesus to bless our friends; that we keep busy in the Lord and read our Bibles.

14. For my family to be safe and protected.

15. That Dirk receives the organ transplant that he needs to survive.

16. For all our troops overseas and all the leaders of our nation; for all the unsaved to be saved before it’s too late; for all of God’s missionaries to work effectively and to return to their loved ones; for all in authority.

17. That my deferral is turned into a parole upon completion of my classes; for health and safety of my family.

18. For forgiveness of my sin; that the Lord will help the church at IBC grow and multiply in spirit and truth; that the Father open the eyes of the blind to see and know we are here for his glory.

19. That my family is well and provided for; that I will get scheduled for my MSOP classes.

20. That I will hear from my family; for strength with my addiction and that I am not tempted by it in the future; that I will give up all the worry in my life.

21. That God will watch over my uncle Dale who is recovering from the flu; that I will receive wisdom and knowledge.

22. For my mom Margaret will continue to grow in God; that my aunt Angie will stay faithful.

23. That the Lord will bring peace to the kitchen staff.

24. For God to continue to bless my life and my wife, who is the love of my life.

25. That my aunt Kathy will accept Christ.

26. That my older brother will get over the past and start talking to my mother.

27. For God to bless my friends Jessica and Andrew who are expecting a baby.

28. That all the Christians in the world would pray daily.

29. That God will bless brother T who is in the hole for a violation.

30. For my family and kids; that God will keep his loving arms around us and our relationship will be strengthened.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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