PRAYER REQUESTS – February 27, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      That my Bunkie will get his MRI.

2.      For LR to become more harmonious and joyful and to look for the positive first instead of always looking at the negative,

3.      For my brother and sister to find happiness.

4.      That I will be granted a victory in the Court of Appeals; that I will become more faithful and read the Lords word daily.

5.      For IS to receive a favorable ruling when he sees the parole board.

6.      That the flu virus will soon leave this facility so that everyone will start feeling better again; that my Bunkie will not have anymore adverse reactions from his medication.

7.      That our President and leaders will make decisions that are godly and benefit the world.

8.      That my letter to the American Friends Association is received and conveys truth.

9.      That S will have patients in reading and learning God’s word.

10.  For V to receive good news and be placed on the transplant list.

11.  For my niece who has been going through a very rough patch in her life.

12.  For protection of my family and friends; for TT’s family to be healed and able to move on in life.

13.  That my twin boys will be godly people; that their mom would come back and accept God as her savior.

14.  For my family to stay in the Lords word and to resist temptation; that my wife will have the strength to get through anything that gets put in front of her.

15.  For all the families of the men on the inside.

16.  That I will be a good witness to the Lord and help spread his word.

17.  For protection of all the men in here; that they will ask for and receive forgiveness for their past crimes and sins.

18.  That my dad, brother, and sister in law will be blessed and protected from the enemy.

19.  That my brother’s life will be extended; for my family and kids to receive blessings and protection; that I will always remember that God loves me, no matter what.

20.  For my brother Chris who is back in the country right now and not doing well.

21.  PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my wife, freedom and for being the King; for your son giving his earthly life for me; for all the blessings given to my mom, her children, and grandchildren; for my visit on Sunday and for being able to speak with my wife and tell her that I love her.

22.  PRAISE REPORT: I just want to thank God for all that he is doing in my life; for keeping his loving arms around my family and loved ones; for all his love and guidance in my life.

23.  PRAISE REPORT; Thank you for the good friends that I have made in prison that watch my back.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……



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