These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    That I will do a good job in my new leadership role with Celebration Fellowship CRC; for me new job and my new responsibilities.

2.    For peace and healing for my father-in-law in the loss of his mom.

3.    Bring blessing to my sister.

4.    That I will be granted a new trial and that the truth will finally come out about my case.

5.    That our country will be at peace and support our president.

6.    Open my heart and allow me to show others God’s love and all his awesome works.

7.    That I will be allowed to see my children again.

8.    For miraculous turn of events concerning my situation.

9.    That my dad will get his strength back and make a full recovery.

10. That John McCain family will find peace and recovery during this very stressful time.

11. That I will adjust in the free world and be able to find housing and a decent job.

12. That I will be able to graduate when I get released and that I will be able to be a part of my kids’ lives.

13. For me to find forgiveness for being wrongfully accused and judged; to have a right and clear mind.

14. That I can be a blessing on my fellow brothers on the inside; that a job will come my way so that I can start supporting myself and not being such a burden on my family.

15. For God to intervene on the spiritual battles I have in my life.

16. For peace and unity on the inside; healing for my bunkie’s family.

17. Healing for my brother who had a stroke and needs brain surgery.

18. That my homeless mom will find a place to live; that my sister will find drug treatment; that God will keep my kids safe and bring me home soon.

19. That the Lord will keep working in my life.

20. That my grandma will receive healing and feel better soon.

21. That my family will finally accept Jesus into their lives.

22. That this will be my last year in prison so that I can return home and be a good father to my kids.

23. That my bunkie will soften his heart and accept Christ as his savior.

24. That God will keep me on my path of righteousness and keep the evil out of my life; that I will stay positive; that my ex-girlfriend will forgive me and allow me a second chance.

25. For our outside member who will require surgery for prostate cancer.

26. That my friend will have safety and the needed time to pay off an old debt before he returns home.

27. That my cousin and his girlfriend will stay sober.

28. That my twin boys will have positive role models in their lives; for God’s wisdom to help them find their way.

29. That my mom will allow me back into her life; that I will be able to keep my depression under control.

30. That I will have a renewed relationship with my daughters.

31. That my friend will find peace and joy after the death of her husband.

32. That God will watch over my brothers and sisters; that my friend Paul and his kids will have blessings and safety in their lives.

33. That I will receive a visit soon and that I will get some financial help from my family.

34. That the Lord will help my find a new apartment.

35. For God to keep my loved ones safe.

36. For the health and safety of my family and friends.

37. For blessings and peace for all the men going home this week. May they all find homes and jobs and the support of friends and family.

38. For guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

39. For healing and full recovery of Carolyn.

40. That my wife will come home to our family and stop running.

41. That God will bless my family and friends.

42. For the health and safety of my loved ones and enemies.

43. That my dad will be less scornful of me being in prison and that he will open his heart and find forgiveness for me.

44. That Wendy will soften her heart and allow my daughters to build a strong relationship with me.

45. That God will show mercy to Juanita and heal her of cancer, relieve Phyllis of her stress and temptation, show Stephanie guidance and faith and give Steven courage and trust.

46. For forgiveness of my sinful nature and the healing of my state of mind.

47. That my grandma gets strong and made new.

48. For my family to be safe, healthy and strong in faith.

49. That all my sisters and brothers will seek salvation.

50. That I will stay humble in times of stress.

51. For safety and healing in my family.

52. That the Good Time law will be passed in the State of Michigan.

53. For all my loved ones to be held high and kept safe.

54. That I will receive guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

55. That God will bless me, my family, friends and the all Christians around the world.

56. That I will get what I need to become a better person and serve God.

57. That my mom Linda will be healed of COPD and to get the medical assistance that she needs at home.

58. For strength to get through this and be able to return home.

59. That my bunkie will accept Christ into his life.

60. for God to protect me when I am weak.

61. That my cousin Dominic will have a good outcome in his court case this week.

62. That my wife Felisha, my kids and my entire family will be protected from all evil.

63. That I will be granted relief in the Supreme Court.

64. For all the people that I have hurt in my life; that they will someday be able to forgive me for my actions; that I will build a much closer relationship with God.

65. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for all the amazing things that you do in my life. For my wife, mom and family to have peace and protection. For all the blessings that my mom brings to me and all the help she offers me during my bad times.

66. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for bringing the most amazing woman into my life who will become my wife in 14-days. Thank you for each and every blessing that you bring into my life and the lives of those I love. I love you God even when it feels like you are not there, I know that you are. I am blessed in every way.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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