These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For my daughters, my father and family that God will keep them safe and healthy; that God will help them find their way. 

2.    For my family’s safety.

3.    To have a better relationship with Jesus; that my family will finally accept Jesus into their lives and hearts.

4.    That my brother Jim will be healed from his recurring kidney symptoms.

5.    That God will continue to bless me so that I can continue to bless others.

6.    That I will be able to keep my temper and anger under control; for me to be returned to my family soon; that all Christians will live in peace and safety.

7.    For protection from bully inmates and officers.

8.    That I will receive Gods message and understand what I hear.

9.    For my family and my four sons.

10. That the Lord will use me when I am released; that I will have a smooth parole.

11. For encouragement for all those on the inside to be better people; for all those who are being released to stay on the right path.

12. That I will share God’s love.

13. For God to renew my mind and heart.

14. That my case will be returned to the courts; that good time will be restored; that I will be returned to my family soon; for my dad who is struggling to find work on the outside.

15. For God to heal every area of my marriage and bring my wife and son’s back into my life; that I will receive joy and happiness.

16. For God to bless my daughter and her husband; that they will find financial happiness; that my daughter’s anxiety will be settled over school and that she will do well and become a nurse.

17. For God to bless all those in need.

18. That I will get a visit from my wife; that my brother Red will stay in God’s light; that my mom will not forget me while I’m on the inside.

19. For my appeal, depression and anger; that others will accept me for who I am, even though I’m weird to some people.

20. For my friend Mike who is on the wrong path.

21. For all of my loved ones, especially those I’ve lost; that Cheli will be released on her outdate; for blessings on all of our volunteers; that I will make it to the outside and stay ticket free,

22. For a positive outcome from my mom’s upcoming surgeries; for all families in need.

23. For everyone who will be seeing the board; for all the brothers of CFCRC; that God will be with Clint and his GF and heal Patricia and our families.

24. For all my family, that God continues to watch over and protect them and keep them safe and healthy and to lead and guide them; for my friend, that God will open his spiritual ears and eyes and draw him closer to our father; for my friend and I, as we both leave the same day, that we continue on the right path and don’t fall off; to prepare me for the outside world and to build me up; that God will touch and heal my friend John and Dirk who have cancer and that they will both overcome and beat the cancer in their bodies and be healed and cancer free.

25. For my family and I to build a good relationship with one another.

26. For my fiancé Lisa and my children to receive strength, health and love; to keep us all safe and look after all of our families, friends and loved ones; that we will all be in God’s light.

27. That my health and finances stay good.

28. That I can bind the spirits of manipulation and lying; that all the brothers will continue to grow in grace; that we all learn God’s purpose for each and every one of us. 

29. For guidance in my walk to hear God more clearly and to be a light for others in these dark times; for favor for those going home and to those seeing the parole board.

30. That my Son Dirk who is dealing with leukemia has a safe trip to Hawaii. He’s not feeling great. Pray for safety and improved health while he is on his trip.

31. That the good time bill to pass; that my case in the supreme court will be heard so that I can be re-sentenced properly; that God will continue to work on our behalf.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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