These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For blessings over my family, brothers and sister; for all the victims of the past hurricanes.

2.    For all the prisoners returning home to their families and communities.

3.    That I will be able to return home and to my community and be able to work in the ministry.

4.    For all of those who are sick and suffering that they receive a quick and speedy recovery and God’s blessing.

5.    That my bunkie will be able to win his ticket and be able to return back to the program.

6.    That I will be able to get an appointment to see a neurologist; that I will have better contact with my family.

7.    That I will get a visit; that my mom and brother will find financial blessings; that I can be transferred to a facility that is closer to my home.

8.    For continued success of this ministry in reaching the lost; for our pastor and all of our volunteers.

9.    That I will be able overcome the strongholds on my life; that I receive my parole and get flopped.

10. For a successful prostate surgery for one of our volunteers and a speedy recovery.

11. That my friend will get a release date.

12. That I will be able to get an early release so that I can return home to be with my family and make amends to my victims and their families.

13. That my sister will be healed from her illness.

14. For special blessings for everyone in the body of Christ to be strengthened in love and humility; that I will stay focused on Jesus’ word.

15. That I will rediscover old friends and leave behind all my temptations; that I will move into a more Christ centered life.

16. For God’s blessing on this church and a new blessing in the form of refreshing music to enable our praise.

17. That God will help me get through this program; that I will have the support and guidance from people when I am released; that I will be able to serve God in the right ways.

18. That my wife will find a good job and a new home for my kids; that I will be able to have better communication with my family.

19. That I will be able to live in peace with my bunkie.

20. That God will keep my family safe and blessed; for my church and all my brothers in Christ.

21. For all of the church leadership.

22. That Christ will fill me with the Holy Spirit.

23. For guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

24. That my son will feel loved and wanted and that I will be able to see him soon for the first time.

25. That God will help me, and my family get on our feet financially.

26.  That God will strengthen my friend and help her overcome every attack from the enemy; that God will bless her financially.

27. For my family to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.

28. For blessings over my mom in every part of her life; that she will find strength and be cured from her illnesses.

29. That my life will continue to change and that my walk with god will grow.

30. That my loved ones stay in good health and good spirits.

31. That God will watch over all of the brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world; for hope, peace, love and joy in all Christians lives.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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