These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    That God will allow me to be resentenced and give me a second chance.

2.    For my step mother to find hope in God’s word.

3.    That God will guide me and protect me from evil.

4.    That my friend and his family will stay faithful in the spirit of God.

5.    That God will bring safety to me and my family and to bring them back into my life; for God’s love to be shown on all non-believers.

6.    That God will find a way for me to find an approved living arrangement.

7.    For my father’s mental illness to be improved so that he can function in the world.

8.    That lost souls will discover God and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

9.    That my back pain and depression will be cured.

10. For strength as I’m feeling the burden from being busy at work; that I will think clearly and keep a positive attitude.

11. For two friends that have lost loved ones in the past week; for God’s blessing, peace and comfort.

12. For our country and all of our leaders; for all of the starving children around the world to be blessed with food and clean water.

13. For protection over my daughter who is having gallbladder surgery this week.

14. For guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

15. That I will get a positive outcome with some of my life’s struggles.

16. That God will heal my health problems; that my brothers will understand that I have given my life to God for him to use me and help me do his will.

17. For God to healing me from my lusting problems.

18. That the parole board will give me a favorable answer; for all the volunteers, pastors and leadership team of CF CRC.

19. For grace and peace for Brandon whose wife just passed away.

20. That I will feel the love the trinity has for me.

21. That more brothers will start attending worship.

22. For all the brothers that are struggling with there bunkie’s or others in their units.

23. That my daughter will have an uneventful pregnancy.

24. That the board will reverse their decision and I will be allowed to go home.

25. For my friend’s family to find peace as they deal with his death; for waking up everyday with a clear mind.

26. For the mother of my kids to stay healthy; for my kids to be blessed and protected.

27. For all of the volunteers that come on the inside.

28. That God will bring me back into the fold and watch over me.

29. That my family will get through the rough times they are currently experiencing.

30. For me to do God’s will.

31. That my family will stay in good health; that my friend will heal quickly after cutting her hand.

32. For the brothers to hear the voice of God from the pulpit.

33. That I am able to get into my classes and complete them so that I will be able to return home; that I can grow closer to God and put my focus on him.

34. For my family to find a new home and a good job to support them.

35. For understanding over my life; for racial healing throughout the MDOC and around the world.

36. For wisdom, faith, knowledge, strength, love and patience; for my family needs and protection; for all Christian churches and Christians around the world.

37. That I will be healed from the cancer I have been battling for over a year.

38. For peace in my heart; to alleviate the negativity that I am experiencing in my heart.

39. That I will be reunited with my family; for healing of my niece who is in the hospital.

40. That my health treatment will continue to go well; that God will intervein and watch over my friends and their families; for peace in the world.

41. That God will help keep me on the right path in my life and to keep me away from the evils of the world.

42. For my 11-year old twin boys to be protected and surrounded with positive role models; that their mother will receive Christ into her life.

43. That my family will accept me back into their lives; that I will receive a new trial on my deportation ruling.

44. For safety over my mother and daughter.

45. That God will watch over my family and answer all their prayers.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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