These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For the problems we are having in our housing unit to finally stop; for strength and knowledge in the Lords word; for protection over my family.
  2. That I will finally have some financial help.
  3. That I will receive strength, patience and forgiveness; for unity on this compound.
  4. That I will be able to find a compatible helper.
  5. That I will finish group and be allowed to return home to my family.
  6. That my grandma in Arizona will have healing with all of her health problems; that my other grandma will get stronger and be able to live independently again.
  7. For the spiritual struggles going on within me for Christ to be the winner; for my marriage; that my wife will have a safe trip out of the country.
  8. That I have made the right decision to go back to my girlfriend after I am released, even though she has been unfaithful and is doing drugs.
  9. That this new study will draw men closer to you and embolden them to witness to others.
  10. That I will have God’s blessing and continue to live in integrity, love and peace; that I will prosper.
  11. For all of my medical problems, PTSD and my upcoming appeal.
  12. That my aunt Kathy will be healed after her recent cancer surgery where they removed 80% of her tumor, but it continues to grow.
  13. That I continue to put others first; that I worship the Lord every day.
  14. For my family, the church and all those in need; for my two aunts to recover from recent health problems.
  15. That God will bless each of us and keep us safe.
  16. For my children and I; that my appeal will be heard; for all the brothers here at IBC.
  17. For strength, wisdom and courage; that my sister will be given strength to do everything she needs to accomplish.
  18. For my friend who is having heart surgery soon; for my two brothers who have been sick.
  19. For the encouragement of all the brothers to stay strong and continue to grow in Christ.
  20. That my family will accept Jesus as their savior; that I will stay in his word.
  21. For true understanding between right and wrong; that I will have the confidence to follow his way, the right way; that my faith will stay strong; for all those who are struggling in life.
  22. That my aunt will be cured from her cancer.
  23. That my family will contact me so that I know what is going on with all of them.
  24. For love, strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  25. For the Christian church; for strength to get through my time on the inside; that my bunkie will be able to get resentenced; that my dad will stay healthy; for world peace.
  26. That I will hear from my friend Kayla; that my friend Ambrosia will not fall back into her old ways.
  27. PRAISE REPORT: for all of those who are praying for me to succeed, to get through this time on the inside and to never come back.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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