These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That brother Matt is freed from the situation with the guys in his unit; that he will be able to over come his sinful desires.
  2. That I will receive a devine miracle and get an early release.
  3. That my friend Greg and his wife will get positive results and that it will not be cancer.
  4. That my daughters needs and wants will be fulfilled; that they will be able to handle anything that is thrust upon them.
  5. For love, peace, family, knowledge and understanding.
  6. That my family will get better.
  7. For my mothers continued health improvements; for all of the help that she is receiving; that my dad has finally found a job.
  8. For blessings over me and my loved ones; that we will have strength. Honor, glory, praise and love for all those around us.
  9. That I will let go of all my grudges.
  10. That God will watch over my entire family.
  11. That the US will come together and support our president and the entire government.
  12. For my family, wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength, love, joy, happiness and patience in my everyday life.
  13. That I will be placed in the programs that I need so that I can return home.
  14. That Anthony will be lead to the positive people he needs as he being released soon.
  15. That I will get the housing that I need so that I can be released on time.
  16. That God will watch over my loved ones and enemies alike.
  17. For my family to accept Jesus as their savior; for blessings and protection over my parents and family.
  18. That the Lord will heal broken relationships and open doors for growth, understanding and forgiveness; for healing of the broken hearted; that I will be drawn closer to God.
  19. That my grandmother will have good health and a strong mind.
  20. That my 12 year old son will stop having seizures and that he will be healed from whatever is causing them.
  21. That my little sister will be able to beat her addiction; that brother Lacey will once again receive his freedom.
  22. That God will keep me strong and focused; that I will be able to overcome my temptations; that my wife and children will be blessed and watched over in my absence.
  23. That I will be a success when I am released.
  24. For God to give me a kind and loving heart.
  25. That my daughter will be able to get the knee surgery that she need; for blessings on the Smith family.
  26. That God will bless my marriage and keep us away from divorce; that God will take away my stress and hurt; that I will be able to rebuild relationships and try to right my wrongs.
  27. That my friend Chris’ vision problems will be healed.
  28. That I will aspire to be a great and faithful Christian.
  29. For all of those who don’t know Jesus as their lord and savior.
  30. PRAISE REPORT: thank you for the freedom I have on the inside. Thank you for my wife and kids that are awaiting my return home. I have been blessed with weekly visits from my parents and family. I have been blessed in so many ways and I plan to live my life in a positive way spreading your word and being a strong family man.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……