These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That my family will finally accept Jesus as their lord and savior.
  2. For God’s continued goodness in my life.
  3. That Lee will find health and financial assistance; that my uncle Pat will be able to focus his time and energy on the people at church.
  4. For the Christian church and all Christians around the world; for my family and their everyday struggles; help to guide me on my journey with the Lord.
  5. That my appeal will go well, and that the truth will finally be made clear; that the Lord will bless all those in need.
  6. For all those who have served and died for our country; for all of our loved ones to find love and forgiveness in their hearts; that my family and friends will blessings from God.
  7. That God will heal my father; that I may grow up and mature and learn from my past.
  8. For all of the leadership team, volunteers, pastor and members of CF CRC.
  9. That I will finally be able to have a relationship with my daughter; that her mom will find Jesus, have compassion and forgive me.
  10. That my dad will be healed from the pain that he is having; that my wife will find mental, financial and emotional support from those around her to help relieve the stress and pressure she’s feeling.
  11. That my wife’s depression will improve; that my two daughters will be able to be reconciled and spend time together; that all their hearts will be healed.
  12. That my friend Ember will get out and be able to stay out of trouble; for blessing on her and her family.
  13. That God will shower down on me and grant me my appeal in my case.
  14. For my family; that my appeal will finally be heard; for all those seeking the Lord; for safety and patience while I’m on the inside.
  15. For all of my loved ones; that I will get a job and be able to have financial independence while I’m here and once I’m released; that I will be able to complete my parole; for wisdom, favor, peace, happiness, joy and good health; that my dads hearing will be restored; that my Bunkie will stop being so selfish.
  16. For all those who are suffering with cancer; for all of the homeless and less fortunate; that me and my family will be blessed and watched over.
  17. That my relationship with my children will grow stronger; that I continue to grow stronger and stay safe in this environment.
  18. For strength as I am getting transferred to a new facility so that I can complete CPI and be released; for all the brothers that I am leaving behind to stay focused on the Lord.
  19. That I will have a smooth transition to outside when I released this summer.
  20. That my friend will find strength and peace as she burns her husband on Thursday.
  21. That we will all be strong in the word and stay focused on God; that we will be free from hate; that we love one anther and live in peace.
  22. That my friend Samantha, who is 24-weeks pregnant, will be able to recover from the severe virus that she has and that it will not affect the baby.
  23. That my transition back into the world will go smoothly.
  24. That good things will come my way; that I will see my parents soon as I haven’t seen them in over two months.
  25. That my great grandma will recover after falling out of bed in the hospital.
  26. For all of the people who went to segregation over the past couple of days; that my children, who are in foster care in Kansas, will be reunited soon.
  27. PRAISE REPORT: God is Good.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH