These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For strength to stay focused; that I will get the medical help I need.
  2. That my family will accept Jesus into their lives.
  3. That my aunt and her family will be able to manage after the recent death of my uncle; may they have peace and grow closer to the Lord during this difficult time.
  4. That I will be able to plant the seed of the gospel in my friend’s life.
  5. That I will have the intelligence and stamina to complete my programs; for all those that I will be leaving behind when I get transferred.
  6. That God will remove my hateful heart.
  7. For God to bless me and others to live in true peace and love.
  8. For all the victims of the recent storm and flooding all across the nation; that unbelievers may find God’s goodwill during tough times.
  9. That I will stay focused on Jesus when I get out.
  10. That Satan will stop trying to tempt me; that my appeal for a new trial will be approved; that God will heal all of my mom’s health problems; that my health problems will finally get addressed; for all the administration and staff at this and all facilities to see us as children of God that strayed from the path.
  11. That I will be granted a new trial and be resentenced once the truth is revealed.
  12. That I continue to stay in the right mindset; for patience, strength and wisdom for me and my family.
  13. That God continues to lift up CF CRC and all its members and volunteers; that all of our family and friends will continue to support us.
  14. That my lawyer will be able to get the truth out so that I can return home to my family.
  15. That I will be forgiven for all my past wrongs and sins; that I will receive wisdom and strength to stay in the word.
  16. That my friend Kara will be healed from colon cancer.
  17. That my brother will not be convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, but if he did, that it will be dealt with in a fair manner.
  18. For faith, wisdom, knowledge, love, patience, courage and determination.
  19. That God will replace the hate and anger in my friend and replace it with love.
  20. That all the bad gossip about me will go away; give me a good spirit and allow me to be released and return home to my family; for all Christian churches around the world; that there would world peace.
  21. That the prosecutor will choose not to contest my appeal.
  22. For Devine prosperity and health for my kids and family.
  23. That my vision will become clear so that I can do the work of the Lord; that I will get a clear understanding of the Lord.
  24. That my behavior will start to improve so that I stop getting locked up; that I will be able to get the programs that I need or be able to take them once I am released; for blessings over my dad, grandma and Todd.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless…… JSH