These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For unity with my sisters and brothers and all the children in our family: strengthen our leadership team and teach us to stand on God’s word.
  2. That your faithful believers on our compound will unite in love for you and one another and be in accord with your will daily.
  3. That the Lord will engage more of His power into my blood and spirt of my body; that we may all be reminded of our gifts and surrender our selfish feelings and doubts in our lives.
  4. That my friend will find a job to help keep his spirits up.
  5. For my father Wayne who is in the ICU at the hospital in Petoskey; that the Lord will be with him and all those in the hospitals struggling.
  6. That God and all of my Christian brother will continue to pray for me after my release on November 19th.
  7. That the Lord will bless me in my upcoming sentencing and possible transfer.
  8. That the Lord will keep all of us here safe until we return to his house.
  9. That God would touch the hearts of the judge and prosecutors in my case to want to deliver me out to society. God is able to change the hearts of kings, those who are in authority.
  10. That God will watch over Wilson after the loss of his little girl 9-year-old and he tried to hurt himself.
  11. That Jesus will to continue to watch over my wife and children, my father, mother, and loved ones during this trying time.
  12. For God to be with my family after the passing of my Aunt Kathy in February due to a brain tumor.
  13. For world peace; for unbelievers to turn to you Lord before time runs out; that God will show me his plan for my life; restore me, change me, strengthen me, and help and guide my family. 
  14. For my uncle that is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. He has a very bad bacterial infection and had to be hospitalized; watch over my family as they travel and keep my uncle safe; that God will be close to him and let him know you’re with him.
  15. For my father-in-law who just started chemotherapy to battle lymphoma; that the chemo to fight the cancer will work quickly and let his body be healed; that God will be with my wife who is struggling with this and bring calm to her heart; for God to watch over my family.
  16. For God to strengthen my relationship with him; for the whole congregation of Celebration Fellowship CRC; for God to continue to look after me and forgive me of all my sins; that God will fight my battles.
  17. That God will give all of the Holy Spirit to fill our lives. 
  18. That I will get a new roommate to share God’s Word; that my friend will find strength as she is having a difficult time raising her child who has a disability; for God’s grace to heal her and bring comfort and strength.
  19. That my family and everyone in my household will stay sober.
  20. That my bunkie will find relief for his medical problems; for the strange relationship between my friend and her father; for the MDOC officer who committed suicide and his family as they go through a very difficult time; for our  chaplain who is moving to another position; that the MDOC will approve additional space for prisoners to access better healthcare with treatment at the Forensic Center in Salient, Michigan.
  21. That I will get a food pantry started for the homeless; for prisoners to be able to donate money to help aid kids in receive a quality meal. 
  22. For God to give me an understanding heart to serve his people; for wisdom to connect better with men and women in his life, to be spiritually equipped for where God is leading me.
  23. For Pastor Bob, his wife and the faithful outside members who are apart of Celebration Fellowship CRC to be blessed and continue to be servants of God; for the lawmakers to pass a twenty-year sentence which will give me a second chance; for my friends daughter who had brain surgery; that she has a speedy recovery. 

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH