These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For Kobe Bryant, his family and the others killed in the crash.
  2. For my family, my family in Christ to have strength and guidance; for the fruits of the Spirit.
  3. That the Lord will intercede in my life and my families lives.
  4. For all those coming to prison.
  5. That I will be paroled to Lansing Holy Cross for home placement.
  6. That my loved one’s come to know the Lord Jesus.
  7. That I will get through the times when I need to hear from my children, and I get no response.
  8. For the Keryx program to be able to come to IBC and spread the love of God.
  9. That my friend Anthony can overcome cancer; that I will have a successful parole hearing this week.
  10. For my two daughters Janavia and Christ’yana; for my appeal that’s in the supreme court right now.
  11. That I’ll get my friend Sam and Joe back.
  12. For my Bunkie to be ok after I leave here and that he gets a good Bunkie; for all the men here to get home safe to their families
  13. That my brother will submit to God and start leading his children in the direction that is God’s will; for my strength during this hard season.
  14. For me to win my hearing and get my new trial.
  15. For my daughter Kayla who has seizures; that God would heal her.
  16. For me to trust the Lord; that he’ll let me trust him and have him guide me though broken friendships.
  17. For my appeal.
  18. For my family, friends and loved ones; for a parole date this week; that God will help me with my weaknesses; for a better relationship with my daughter, my ex-wife and family; for my family, friends, and church.
  19. That I would start to heal the hard feelings with my brother Joe. Our relationship is not on the greatest terms and I just ask that both of us can have God bring us closer; that my sister Tracy, my niece Sydni and nephew Spencer are all ok. I haven’t talked to them in over a year and I don’t even know if they’re alive; that the Lord brings us together; that I will be able to speak with may daughter who I have not spoken to since December 2018; that the Lord brings us back together.
  20. For a better relationship with God; for guidance and wisdom; to heal my relationship; for my family to keep evil thoughts and evil things away.
  21. That the Lord will forgive and to restore my relationship with brother and sister.
  22. For John who has lung cancer; that he will be healed; for Deborah to have healing after throat surgery; that William will have good health; that I will safety and get a parole.
  23. For more help with patience with others and loving myself better because there are days, I don’t love myself and my life.
  24. For all the sick in prison and for those who are depressed; for those who do not want to change their lives due to dead thoughts or tortures of the heart.
  25. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for the blessings that you continuously rain down on us.
  26. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you, God, for allowing me to finish substance abuse.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH