These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That I will win my hearing to get my new trial and get the truth out and set me free; for all the men in here to get home to their families safe and sound.
  2. That I will continue to receive prayers; I’m currently fighting to get a bad ticket thrown out and get to level 2 so that I can go home.
  3. For my bunkie to get a good bunkie after I am gone.
  4. That I will be used more by God; that I will get more understanding of God’s word.
  5. For Smitty who goes home next Tuesday; he needs Jesus to heal him, so he is in his right mind to think clearly.
  6. For my wife and family in Texas; that all is well with them; that the cancer never comes back to my wife’s body; that they make it back here from Texas.
  7. For Tom, that his heart may be opened and that he may accept Jesus into his life.
  8. For God’s grace and mercy for our brothers in Christ, in and out of prison.
  9. For our leaders at both state and federal levels, to enact fair legislation for those accused, convicted and imprisoned, for our president and his family.
  10. For my family and friends.
  11. That I will be paroled to Holy Cross in Lansing for home placement; to be placed in a Godly parole placement in Ingham County.
  12. That God will send me guidance; that I continue to grow in the spirit of Jesus.
  13. For my best friend and her family as they had a loss; for my family, and my family in Christ.
  14. For me to get my family back in my life; that I will get back in court to have my case heard again.
  15. PRAISE REPORT: I just want to say thank you for your mercy and that I will praise you all my day in Jesus name.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH