PRAYER REQUESTS: February 06, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:
1. For my dad to get out of the hospital and the doctors and God heal his neck; for my friend Kerie who’s in the hospital that God touches and heals her; for Mart’s son Dirk, that his health increase each day and somebody is willing to donate their bone marrow to him; for my dad’s friend John who has cancer.
2. For every one to know that God loves them right where they are; for more unity at the Dorms; to see God’s mighty hand in our lives.
3. For my family to have peace, love and joy; for my wife to have the strength to continue to be a great mother, friend, and wife; for my mom and dad and for the shop to stay consistent; for my kids to get and stay healthy.
4. For my family.
5. For my future as I just received a parole and will be going home after 6 years inside.
6. For my family’s health and safety; to keep our countenance high, bind the hands of the devil and hold back darkness from my family and father.
7. For me as I have to start new with no family, no help, no clothes, no food and no licence; for my 3 daughters, that we will be together soon.
8. For the Lord to keep watch over me; for God to watch over my baby and my girlfriend.
9. For my parole; for our troops and world leaders; for the USA and for the nation of Israel and it’s leaders; for God’s missionaries and for the unbelievers.
10. For me and my family; for all of the guys here; that God will keep us safe from Satan and evil things.
11. For my brother who has cancer; for me and my future after i’m released.
12. For all of those who are unemployed.
13. That TJ’s mom with get healthy again.
14. For my mental evaluation; for our new pastor to have peace and happiness.
15. That my family and I will stay close until I am allowed to return home and for an easy transition on the outside.
16. That my mom’s health will return.
17. For God to bless my marriage.
18. That my divorce will go as smoothly as possible and that we will be able to stay friends in the future.
19. That my 20-year old son will will make good decisions in his life and follow the right path that God has layed out for him.
20. That the Grand Valley program will receive a financial blessing to keep doing there work in the community.
21. For my giorlfriend and our families.
22. That God will continue to strenghten, heal, deliver and feed me his word.
23. For the mom and family of the man who’s life I took. Let them find peace and healing and hopefully some day find it in their heart to forgive me.
24. For all the men in this facility to find God and hear his word.
25. That my mom and dad will have a happy 48th anniversary.
26. That I will hear from my family; for strength, happiness, joy and power to overcome my addiction; that my dad’s health will improve; that I will hear from my lawyer.
27. That God will give my mom and aunt strength and to continue to share his word with them.’
28. For my grandma’s heart to start operating better and stay in a good rhythm.
29. For my brother who just had a successful surgery.
30. For all of my upcoming legal problems.
31. For my mom who has had a few miny strokes recently; for all of those who are homeless, unelpoyed and hungry.
32. That my mom’s gums will heal so that she can get new dentures.
33. For all of those who are suffering from cancer, diabeties and other health problems.
34. That I will receive my parole.
35. That I will be able to write my wife and see my parents soon.
36. For God to heal and cure all of thise who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.
37. That I will finally get an answer to who I am always sick.
38. That my 11-year old sons will start to find answers in their lives and that God will help them find the path he has set for them.
Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……


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