PRAYER REQUESTS – February 13, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:
1.For my wife Tyritta who is dealing with a legal issues; for her to have peace and strength and learn from the situation and draw her closer to Jesus.
2. For God to bless Chad and Bonnie and fill their hearts with love for God and each other; for God to help Joel as he adjusts to life in prison.
3. That the Lord will keep watch over me.
4. That the Lord will keep my family and the CO’s safe and blessed; for the lord to bless my wife Liz with a job so she can keep the bills paid.
5. That the Lord will help with my high blood pressure.
6. For God to help me find my true purpose; that God will help me to be the man he wants me to be; that I will speak about what God is doing in my life to others; that God will help me to make better use of my time; for my family’s safety; for my dad and his shop to be blessed with consistent work.
7. For our troops over seas and our president; for God to open the eyes of all the unbelievers; that God will bless all the missionaries around the world.
8. For the body of Christ to stand strong in the faith.
9. That God will keep me strong with my family and touch the hearts of my friends so that they make the right choices.
10. For the Lord’s help in protecting my mind against the enemy; that God will help me discern my call and how I can best serve the men here at CF now and moving forward; for the Lord to grow me and strengthen my weakness and help me turn to Christ.
11. For my brothers sin; that my bunkie gets a parole and can leave here and start a new life; for brother Ray going home this week to find life on the outside to be accepting.
12. For us to bring others to the church so we can grow the Christian faith; for my dad, that God touches him and heals his neck pain; for my friend Kerie that God keeps healing her and that she gets out of the hospital this week; for Brother Mart’s son Dirk that he keeps getting better and beats this cancer.
13. That my friend John beats his cancer and for God to touch and heal; for all my family that God watches over them and protects them and keeps them all healthy and keeps the devil and demons away from them; that God continues to build me up and work in me to be a mighty warrior for Him.
14. For God’s authority to minister his word in Spirit and truth and to spread his love and kingdom.
15. That Jesus will impart his discipline into the hearts of the brothers here at IBC; for Jesus to help them to honor their authority figures and follow the laws of the compound; for God to also bring my bunkie into his Christian family.
16. For my sister Tammy who will be having surgery next week.
17. That God will help me and my family to focus on him and not the way that out lives are going on a daily basis; for protection and blessing on my family and myself.
18. That God will open peoples eyes and let them care more for others then for themselves.
19. That the Lord will watch over my family and friends.
20. That God will give me courage to overcome the temptations I face in daily life; for blessings, mercy and peace to be found here at IBC; for the lost to open their heart, eyes and mind and accept Jesus.
21. For our President and country to be blessed and live in harmony and peace.
22. That God will redeem my heart and mind and remove the hate, lust, pride, hypocrisy, and greed; renew the minds of the lost and confused.
23. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my freedom, my wife and financial security.
Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love and support. God Bless……


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