PRAYER REQUESTS – March 06, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      For God to help those who don’t have anything and that anything can be overcome through God.

2.      That my new girlfriend Jill is the one for me; that I will be able to live a happy life with God as my king.

3.      That my grandmother will receive peace; that God will keep me safe and bring me spiritual victory.

4.      For patients to watch and see Gods mighty hand at work in all our lives.

5.      For peace to be brought to S in the loss of her dad; that she will find enough money to pay off all her debts; for my brother and all my family to stay faithful.

6.      That I will continue to get up and enjoy my job; continuing to thank God for all my blessings in life; that I will continue to study and learn God’s word.

7.      That my wife will come back into my life; that I will be released soon.

8.      For my sister and niece to be blessed and given what they need.

9.      That Celebration Fellowship church will continue to come together as one body of Christ; that we will all be good disciples and spread God’s word to the unbelievers.

10.  That D’s sister will receive a kidney.

11.  For all of humanity.

12.  That I will receive a positive answer from the parole board.

13.  For my stepmother as she continues to fight her cancer.

14.  That the Lords will be done in my life and that I may bring glory to his name; for favor in my commutation and that God moves the hearts and minds of the parole board.

15.  That my sister will be healed; for God to bless the unbelievers.

16.  For all the families and children of the men on the inside.

17.  That God will continue to strengthen me in my faith and trust; that God will heal me and deliver me.

18.  That my family and my girlfriend will all be blessed and encouraged to build their faith.

19.  That my girlfriend will be healed.

20.  That my twins boys will lead a godly life and learn God’s word and live by it.

21.  That my wife will write to me; that I will get a visit soon.

22.  That I will open myself up to God; that I am used for his purpose.

23.  For all those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

24.  PRAISE REPORT: My brother is now cancer free.

25.  PRAISE REPORT: Praise God that he is my Lord. He loves me, protects me, and cares for my every need. He is an awesome God. He blesses me according to his riches in glory.

26.  PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for my life and helping me become a better man.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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