PRAISE REQUESTS: March 20, 2018

These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      For all those that are lost of have fallen away from God; that the Lord will stop all the bullying and extortion on the inside; for those on the outside to see the amazing world that they live in and to treat everyone with respect.

2.      That I will hear from my family and know that my dad’s medical problems are better; for strength, joy, happiness, and forgiveness in the world.

3.      For all the families that have lost loved ones.

4.      For my eyes to only look at the good things in the world; that my family will be together in two weeks for the first time in a long time; that I won’t be stressed out at work.

5.      That God will help me in group; that the Lord will watch over and bless Darius’s marriage; that his wife will come and visit him.

6.      That Eric will find peace and acceptance after finding out his parole was denied. That Tim will be in his right mind as his anxiety meds have been changed.

7.      That Ricky will be able to stay focused on the Lord after he is released next week; for God to bless him and surround him with people who love him and support him as he returns to the outside world.

8.      That God will come and save me from evil thoughts and all the sinners around me.

9.      That God will go before me and keep me surrounded and embraced within his loving arms.

10.  For my family to be in good health; that all the men at IBC will find God and follow his word.

11.  For brother Dewitt’s sister who has stage 3 cancer.

12.  That I will adjust to being on the inside; that God will watch over my family and children while I am away from them.

13.  For peace and security at IBC.

14.  That my son will be protected and cared for while he is in the custody of CPS; that I will learn to be the father I need to be.

15.  That all my fellow brothers would continually pray for one another and grow in the word.

16.  That the Lord will be with D-Hunt and John.

17.  That God will heal my body so that I don’t die on the inside.

18.  PRAISE REPORT: Thank you God for calling me home again and not giving up on me. That I finally received my parole and having the confidence that God will provide everything I need when I am released.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……



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