These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      That God will watch over my mom and my brother.

2.      For the Lord to bless Ronald and that everything will go well for him.

3.      For all those searching for peace and happiness.

4.      That I will be able to find housing, a home church and get my social security approved; that I will be a blessing to those around me.

5.      That God will bless my kids mom financially; that she will find it in her heart to bring my children to visit me.

6.      That my niece will have a speedy and full recovery from her ankle surgery; that my sister and her husband will stay in the word and grow their faith.

7.      For strength and wisdom; to be able to get into my group soon; that the Lord will keep my family safe from our enemies; that my family, friends, and all Christians will have love, peace, and joy ion their lives.

8.      That I will be able to let all the little things go so that I can get through my time on the inside; that my family and friends will be able to get through the tough times; that all of those around us will bring good into our lives.

9.      That you will help my wife get back to the right place in her life; that the Lord will be the blood breaking thing in my life.

10.  That my son and daughter-n-law will find peace and healing in their marriage; that they will grow closer to God and allow him to heal the scars in their lives.

11.  For my grandma who is in the hospital; for AJ’s parole hearing; that my shoulder and hand pain will be healed; that Mike’s family will get through their family issues.

12.  That my aunt Sandy will find peace and comfort in her last few days.

13.  That God will bring peace to the world and all those that live here.

14.  For blessings on my aunt and mom.

15.  That I will get a visit soon; that I will receive my parole decision soon.

16.  For God to watch over my children, family, and friends; that all out=r enemies will be held away from us by the Holy Spirit.

17.  That my dad will come to see me soon, or at least write to me.

18.  For continued growth and strength of our church at IBC.

19.  For joy, strength, and happiness; to hear and have contact with my family; that my lawyer will get the information to me that I need; for all of those who have lost a loved on recently.

20.  For Bob to receive strength and zeal to continue his study of the word.

21.  PRAYER REQUESTS: Thank you for all your blessings and continue to prosper me so that I can continue to bless others.

22.  PRAYER REQUESTS: Thank you for my wife and all that she has brought into my life. For all the help that you have brought me on the inside to be able to deal with a different life outside normal society.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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