These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      For God to give me the desire and words to write the parole board.

2.      That my friend will be given wisdom and peace in deciding about putting her mother in a nursing home.

3.      For God to place godly people in my 11-year old twin boys lives; that their mom will find her way back to the Lord; for unspoken prayer requests.

4.      For my legal battles and for my lawyer to find wisdom.

5.      For peace and happiness for my sister; that my dad will be healed.

6.      For my brother Terry to find himself as he has slide back into drugs and is facing parole violations.

7.      That all mother’s will receive God’s love and blessings.

8.      That I will be allowed to go home soon.

9.      For the body of Christ to have us all doing the will of the Lord.

10.  That Harry’s family will receive financial help soon so that there needs can be met.

11.  That we will all start to love one another.

12.  For blessings on my daughter and family.

13.  For my brother and all those who don’t have anyone praying for them.

14.  That my mom, family, and friends will be safe everywhere they go; for my wife to be safe on her job; that she will be able to pay all her bills on time.

15.  For my bunkie’s sister to be healed from her brain cancer; for strength and peace for her family as they are going through a tough time with her health issues.

16.  For my walk with God.

17.   That God will help me to teach others about his word; for love and forgiveness of all our sins, both spoken and unspoken.

18.  For all the families of the men on the inside; that God will move our hearts to forgive.

19.  That the needs of the families will be met and exceeded.

20.  For wisdom and knowledge for all the men and women on the inside; for safety of all the volunteers and staff at all the facilities.
That God will heal me.

21.  That BC will find strength to become what God has planned for him; that my grandmother and family will be blessed with financial help.

22.  For God to open my bunkie’s eyes and for him to accept God into his life; that he will get out of his own way and let God plan his future.

23.  That I will receive good news regarding my pending lawsuit.

24.  That I will remember all the offerings that God has blessed me with.

25.  For all the men that have seen or will be seeing the parole board to receive a quick and favorable answer.

26.  PRAISE REPORT: My mom had successful surgery on her spine and she is making a very speedy recovery.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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