These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For a miracle to cure my bunkie’s 6-year old nephew who has terminal brain cancer; for comfort and peace for their family.

2.    That I will set aside my earthly ways and spend more time in God’s word.

3.    That the evidence I need can be recovered and used in my appeal.

4.    For strength to turn away from distractions and focus my attention on studying God’s word.

5.    That God will keep my family safe; that I will find peace and love in God; that I will be built into a better man.

6.    For all of those who are in prison and feel they won’t make it; for all the brothers at IBC to live in peace; that the Lord continues to dwell in me; for protection over me and my family.

7.    Bless me and my family; grant me a strong relationship with Jesus; that the men on the inside will open their eyes and accept Christ into their lives.

8.    For all the victims and their families of the Toronto bombing and the Oklahoma shooting.

9.    That God will heal all my broken relationships; that he will open doors for me to make a better life for myself and those around me.

10. That my ex-wife and kids will be happy and blessed.

11. That I will find mercy and blessings when I see the parole board.

12. That I will be strong on my faith and following Christ; for healing of my mom’s health problems; that my mom will find financial help.

13. For my family’s safety; that I would find mercy and receive an early release.

14. That I will continue to make progress in my case; that I will be reunited with my daughter; for protection and blessings on my family.

15. That God will watch over my son and my family.

16. For all those who don’t know God as their savior; for lost souls to find the light of Christ and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.

17. That I will be filled with the holy spirit and that my faith will grow and become stronger; that God will heal my relationships with my wife and daughter; for my appeals lawyer to find wisdom and courage to fight my case and that the judge will show me mercy so that I can return home.

18. That I will open my heart and mind to hear God’s voice and learn his word; that my family accept me when I am released from prison; that my mom’s bowel issues will be healed.

19. That my family accept Jesus into their lives; for god to find mercy and forgiveness in my appeals case that is being heard in Detroit.

20. That I will continue to find strength in the Lord; that I will continue to listen to and learn God’s word so that I can teach others; For my uncle Tom to receive healing; for all the victims of the shooting and the bombing.

21. For God to strengthen the CF CRC pastor and all our outside volunteers; for community and outside churches to see the amazing things happening on the inside.

22. That my grandma will receive healing for her cancer; that my mom will be able to get the house she is trying to buy so that I have a place to parole to.

23. That God will intervene and do wonders with me and my fiancée who is doing some crazy and bizarre things right now; help her to find her way and come back into the relationship and fully commit.

24. For my mom, aunt, and brother to be protected and blessed.

25.  For healing and safety for my family.

26. That I come to be with the Lord so that I will be able to bring others into the faith; that my fiancée and I will be allowed to get married; that I will stay away from temptation and evil.

27. For all the broken-hearted brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling and lost.

28. That my friend will come back to Christ as he goes through a life crisis; for all those that are hurting and angry.

29. That my grandpa will find strength and healing as he continues to struggle with the loss of my grandma; for my family to have peace as they grieve; for my mom to find a new puppy as she deals with the loss of dog.

30. For all the prayers of those around the world to be answered; for all those who are searching for God to find the way to him.

31. That God will soften the hearts of the parole board and reverse their decision and that I will be able to go home by the end of the year.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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