These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.      That God will bless my family and friends; for the continued growth of the CF CRC ministry; that the Calvin College program will grow and stay strong; for all the new members of CF CRC congregation; for blessings for all our outside members and pastor.

2.      That my daughter will get in touch with me.

3.      That God will grant me my writ of habeas corpus appeal in the court system.

4.      That I will stay in Gods word daily and never forget to pray and ask for forgiveness.

5.      For Jesus to continue to teach me, strengthen me and love me, no matter what; for those in prison to completely trust the Lord; for financial help in paying for my lawyer.

6.      For those in need and all those who can help the needy.

7.      For my friend as he gets moved to a new facility; for his family as they grieve the loss of a long-time family pet.

8.      That the Holy Spirit will release everyone from sin and help bring them into salvation.

9.      That my bunkie will have a positive meeting with the parole board and that he will receive his parole and be allowed to return home to be with his kids.

10.  That God will open my heart and allow me to receive gratitude; that my brother will stop using profanity and that he will stay focused and be more positive.

11.  That Gods love will grow stronger in my heart; that I will be directed in ways to spread Gods good news.

12.  For the Lord to increase my knowledge and understanding of his word; that I will be lead in the right steps, to the right doors, so that I may finally find success in the world.

13.  That God will my grandma of her cancer; that my brother will be kept safe; that I would be blessed and shown mercy and receive my parole.

14.  That God would help me with my struggles and keep me filled with strength, wisdom, joy, and the ability to stay on track; for my family to have contact with me and visit; that I will be shown the way when I am released where I will find peace and happiness in life.

15.  That God will help heal my past wounds and help those who hate me to forgive me somehow; that God will bless all my loved ones.

16.  That doors will be opened for me; that others will finally knock so that doors can be opened for them as well.

17.  That I will pray every night before going to sleep and every morning when I wake up; that my family and friends will be blessed and protected.

18.  That God will bless America, bring our nation together and give our president wisdom and knowledge to lead us into the future.

19.  For all of those who went home this week to stay in the word and follow Gods lead.

20.  That my wife, kids, and brother will all be kept safe from harm and evil; that I can be a blessing to others and not expect anything in return.

21.  That God will grant me patience and peace and increase my faith and trust in him; that I will be granted relief from the Court of Appeals and favor in my resentencing.

22.  That God will allow me to receive special attention from the medical staff for my health problems; that God will use my three 11-year old sons for a life of service as Christians; that God would send faithful people to be in their lives; that his girlfriend would accept Jesus as her lord and savior.

23.  That my family will finally receive hope in the Lord.

24.  For grace and mercy to be laid upon my mom and that she will be able to buy a house that she is looking at; that my step dad will have safe travels for work; that I will have a good parole hearing in August; that my friend will be given strength.

25.  That my friend will find peace and mercy in her last days as she is losing her battle with cancer.

26.  For God to remove the hate from my children’s hearts for being an absent, selfish, drug addicted dad; that God will lead me in my journey as I am seeking forgiveness for all of those that I have wronged and hurt.

27.  That my family will finally forgive me for my past actions.

28.  For all the trials and challenges that God has put me through to help make me a better man and Christian.

29.  That God will bless my bunkie with a new job as he has no outside financial help.

30.  PRAISE REPORT: I thank God for keeping my family safe and together during some difficult times.

31.  PRAISE REPORT: Thank you God for the great visit I had with my wife. I was so good to see her and to know that I am making changes in her. Thank you for watching over my family and friends while I am away from them. I look forward to growing and becoming a better man and returning home and starting my own family.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……



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