These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    That I will be able to afford to help others with food when they are hungry.

2.    For the Lord to watch over and bless my parents; that I will be blessed with everything I need when I am released.

3.    That Jesus will stay in the lives of my loved ones.

4.    That the World Food Drive will be a massive success.

5.    That I will find the ability to concentrate so that I can read.

6.    That I will get some special medical attention for all my medical conditions.

7.    For my friends and family to accept Jesus Christ into their lives and lead a godly life of service.

8.    That I will receive a favorable commutation hearing for my freedom and a favorable decision from the Federal Court of Appeals.

9.    That my victim will receive healing and closure; that I will be granted mercy in my upcoming court hearing and resentencing.

10. For all my loved ones to have good health, safety, freedom from evil and blessings from God; that I will receive a time cut in my sentence.

11. For all those who are being released to stay strong in their faith and make wise moral decisions.

12. For all those who are traveling and away from home.

13. For my twin boys to have godly people around them and so them the way.

14. For guidance and blessing when I am released and allowed to return home.

15. For the Holy Spirit to watch over me and protect me and that no weapons will be formed against me.

16. That my wife, mom, family, and friends will find blessings and forgiveness in the Lord.

17. For all those who are sick, dying and suffering around the world; that God will bring cures for all the worlds illnesses.

18. For all the men on the inside who never receive mail or any visits.

19. For God to unlock doors that are blocking my way and allow me to experience a new life when I am reunited with my family and friends and the outside community.

20. That I will be able to use my prison education and knowledge to be a better citizen in the community and to walk in God’s light.

21. For Pastor bob and all the new outside volunteers that give freely of their time to worship with us.

22. That my bunkie will be released from the hospital soon and be able to return to the CPI Program.

23. That God will bless my friend’s family as they are struggling right now.

24. That the CPI program, instructors, and volunteers will continue to grow with the support of the administration at this prison.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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