These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For success and healing for my outside friend that will be having prostate surgery soon.

2.    That God will place good role models in the lives of his 11-year old twin boys; that my deportation hearing will go in my favor and I will be able to stay in the US.

3.    That God will place Christians in my life; that I will learn to share the Gospel with others.

4.    That I will maintain strength, love, peace and joy in my life; that others will accept Jesus into their lives before it is too late.

5.    That I will be given strength to overcome my faults,

6.    For good health of my friends and family.

7.    That I will stay focused on the word and learn every day.

8.    That I will live my life and be a blessing on others around me; for Pastor Bob and all the outside volunteers who freely give their time to be with us and spread God’s word.

9.    That I will be able to get into my MSOP classes so that I can go home.

10. For protection over my family; that the Holy Spirit will come into my heart; for strength, guidance, good health and freedom.

11. That God will keep me in his care and watch over me; that my loved ones will be blessed and cared for; that I will be cured mentally, physically and emotionally.

12. That I will be blessed with strength, knowledge and the understanding of his word.

13. For strength and health for my mom as she struggles with sickness.

14. That I will receive healing; for safety and security over my family.

15. Healing for all of the brothers that are sick in prison.

16. For peace and love in Unit 6.

17. That I am making the right choice by moving to a new city when I am released.

18. For those who are sick or looking for something, that they may find God and eternal salvation.

19. For all of the volunteers.

20. That my family will start to follow Jesus and live in faith.

21. That the truth will be discovered, and my next appeal will go in my favor.

22. For my grandma who fell and broke and her hand and will not be able to drive anymore; that she will be placed in new housing soon.

23. That my family finally accepts Jesus as their Lord and savior.

24. That my uncle will continue to recover at home after 10-months in the hospital; that we will all be protected from the illnesses that are in the world today.

25. That I will let God work and not worry about getting into the programs that I need to be released; that I will let my worries of being flopped leave my mind.

26. That my wife’s business will flourish and that she will make good decisions and love her work; Watch over my two daughters who are in high school.

27. That God will heal my broken relationships from the past; that I will continue to live a godly life and never forget my past mistakes.

28. That God will put forgiveness in the hearts of those I have hurt in the past; that I will be able to help them heal and show them that God is the way to freedom.

29. That the Lord continues to dwell over me and helps me grow.

30. For all of the families in North Carolina; for my continued sobriety.

31. For all of my friends and family, on the inside and the outside.

32. For my family and the family of my victim.

33. That Flynn will have complete healing of his lungs.

34. For my depression, PTSD and my overall health and wellbeing.

35. That my family will be safe from the evils of the world.

36. For faith, strength and protection from all my enemies.

37. For protection and strength for all Christians around the world.

38. That I will win my appeal and be allowed to return home.

39. That my dad will get relief from his hernia and gallstones; that the Lord will set me free, even on the inside.

40. For guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

41. For strength when I am weak and to keep me humble in tough times.

42. For blessings over the leadership team and wisdom to keep them on track and pursuing what’s important.

43. That God will intervene and heal 10-year old Abby of her illness.

44. For all of those who are struggling.

45. For blessings and protection over all of our volunteers.

46. That I will receive good medical care and healing,

47. For Melissa, Brooklyn and Brianna to be cared for and watched over.

48. For my mom who has COPD and is living alone and trying to all of the things that I need to be there doing for her.

49. PRAIDE REPORT: Thank you God for all the relationships you’ve restored, for all those you preserved and for all the new ones in my future.

50. PRAIDE REPORT: Thank you God for all of the great things you’re doing in my life.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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