These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

2.    That my grandma will continue to gain strength.

3.    That Raelynn will be healed from her sores; that Lisa will get over bronchitis; for Kortney to find a job; that Matthew will find fellowship and friends at Oaks level 2.

4.    For love and mercy.

5.    To be in the bible more and to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

6.    That my family will be able to get back on there feet; that I will stay in contact with my family and friends.

7.    That I will do better with letting go of my anger and grudges; for help with my depression; that I will move forward in my appeal process.

8.    That my mom will have positive results from her tests; that I will have a favorable outcome when I see the parole board.

9.    That my family will have all of their needs met.

10. That all my kids will get saved and accept Jesus; that Melissa and my son will forgive me and allow me back into their lives.

11. That my aunt will be able to find a new adult foster care home close to our family.

12. That my mom will be cured from COPD; that I will win my appeal and be able to get home and take care of my mom.

13. For me to find my way closer to God; that I will pray more and study God’s word.

14. That my friend will have a favorable outcome at her heart doctor appointment.

15. For healing of my dad’s cancer.

16. That my family and I will come together and be united; that my mom will get stronger and be fully healed.

17. That I will find favor in my appeal; that my loved ones will stay in contact with me.

18. That I will continue to grow in my faith and strength to keep moving forward.

19. That God will bring healing to my aunt who has a brain tumor.

20. For me to get focused on God and grow closer to him and his word.

21. That I will be able to get through my program so that I will be able to return home; that I will be able to get my life together and bring God into my family.

22. For all the victims of the recent hurricanes.

23. For my health and safety.

24. For all of those that are worse off than me; that God will bring ease into the lives of those that are homeless, hungry, jobless and suffering in any way.

25. That God will bless my family as they are going through a very rough time.

26. For continued prayers from all of those strangers who pray for me.

27. That my family will find peace and comfort in God during this difficult time after my mom’s death.

28. That all of the people around the world would come to God and accept him as their Lord and savior.

29. That my friend will find a good mental health program and remain stable in his health.

30. For all of those who suffer from addictions.

31. For God to bring healing to my sister who has breast cancer; that my friend will receive the VA paperwork so that he can start receiving his medical benefits.

32. That my bunkie will be able to fight his ticket and get back into the program.

33. That my 11-year old boys will have positive influences in his life and follow God; that I will be able to win my deportation case.

34. For my cousin to find help with his alcohol addiction; that his friends and family will support him.

35. That I will receive a positive answer from the parole board.

36. That my wife will receive medical and financial help from the insurance company; that she will continue to recover from her injuries from the car accident.

37. That I will stay positive in my daily life and set a good example for others.

38. For an appointment to open up so that I can see the Outpatient mental Health team.

39. For my brother and grandpa to be healed from their illnesses.

40. That I will be able to get out of prison and find a wife to spend the rest of my life with.

41. For all the brothers and sisters in Christ.

42. For all of Gods blessings and love.

43. That I will receive strength and courage to witness to those who have not accepted God.

44. That my family and friends will accept Jesus as their savior.

45. That I will be able to open up to the Lord and accept everything that comes my way.

46. For peace in the world.

47. For safety and healing in my family.

48. That I will have a sound mind and spirit through the rough times.

49. That God will set me free; for all my brothers and sisters in Christ; for my family’s safety; for guidance in my walk with God.

50. PRAISE REPORT: Honor, glory and praise to God for all of the amazing things that happen in my life.

51. PRAISE REPORT: I want to thank God for my recent visit from my family. I’m so thankful to have such great friends and family in my life.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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