These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

1.    For my wife who is still battling with furnace problems in our home; that she will be able to let go of her anger toward m; that she will become close to God and find salvation; for an uneventful start and a smooth day as she starts her new job; that she will not be so stressed at this job and will not miss days of work; that I will let go of the stress and worry over things outside of my control.

2.    For the Jewish community and all of the struggles and violence they are facing; for my health.

3.    For quick healing of my back; for my fiancé, family and friends to stay strong and keep their eyes open and fixed on the word of God; that Jesus will keep us all safe and secure in our violent world; for God’s will to be done in our lives.

4.    For me as I try to keep my thoughts pure; for God’s strength to do the good I want to do and don’t.

5.    For my wife and her son Jayden.

6.    That my new appeals attorney will take up my case and that I can be freed to so that I can return home to my family and friends. I pray that this man will have a real interest and the judge will have a soft heart in these matters. 

7.    For my family and friends who need Jesus Christ in their lives and feel lost in the sometimes-unfair world we live in.

8.    For a miracle healing of the cancer that brother Dirk has been battling and that his lab result numbers be down when he goes to the doctor; for all my family and loved ones to draw closer to the Lord; that God protects them, keeps them healthy, and safe, and out of harm’s way; that I will be prepared for the outside world in 69 days; that God will keep me close to him and on his path as I return to the evils and temptations of the outside world.

9.    For the ministry that my wife and I have started; that we are open to his word and leadership and that we are one in Him and of one accord; for the government and all of our leaders; that God will reveal Himself in a mighty way to the powers and authority in government around the world.

10. For my family to have peace and safety while they wait for me to come home; that we all be blessed with patience as we await our paroles; for my kids’ mom to have a safe pregnancy; for my children to have patience with their new little brother; that they will always keep you in their heart.

11. That my girlfriend Lottie would spend time with the Lord each day in his Word and prayer to help build her faith and love.

12. For the provisions for my family while I’m away; that things will run well at our shop to take the stress off my Dad; for comfort for my wife Dawn.

13. For my mother to find a job and a home and allow for her to become financially stabile; that my sisters get closer to God and have a real relationship with him; that my kids mom will find God and have a relationship with Jesus; that she will find safety and financial stability; for my son and two daughters to live happy and fulfilling lives; for God to bring my wife and kids back into my life; that God to come into my life and change me forever. 

14. For my wife Penny who is struggling with all the pressures of the world; that God will help her keep all our bills paid and keep Satan’s temptations away from her; that we can both gain strength from our marriage and devotion to God; that her health issues with high blood pressure and anxiety be relieved.

15. That my dad’s heart condition gets the proper attention it requires; that his surgery goes as planned and improves his heath.  

16. For my friend Ronda who is doing time in a Colorado prison; that her walk gets stronger and she keeps the faith in times of trouble; for brother Dave’s wife to have all her needs with home repairs and maintenance issues be taken care of.

17. For my kids Rylee and Nevaeh to be protected and to keep them in God’s grace; for protection over my father and the strength to fight his diabetes and have good health; for God to look favorably on him for all the good he does and to lead him to do the work God has planned for him to complete; for my sister and her kids; for strength to fight the devil in this place.

18. For the good time bill to be passed; that God will intercede for us, as we continue to praise Him and thank Him for all He has done, and for what He is doing, and for what He is going to do.

19. For my upcoming court hearing to go well; that the Monthomery Family will be victorious before the judge; that the Lord will lift up my in-laws that are very emotionally charged over my daughter; for wisdom as it relates to favor from the most high God that meets all our needs.  

20. For God to continue to do his works in our lives; that Jesus will watch over our family’s and loved ones; for healing of my dad, uncle, myself, my friend Jon, brother Dirk and Ryan, Richards wife, my bunkie Brad, pastor Greg, and whoever else needs healing and blessings; for God to continue to shine his light on this compound and let us spread his love and peace.

21. That all deep-rooted sins in me will be uncovered so I can get past times of depression and anger; that all the brothers on the inside do the same so that we move forward to the good of this calling; for the families that are poor and in need; for our government and all our leaders.

22. For my wife Dawn to find strength, peace and happiness; that God will heal her from her struggles with headaches so that she can take care of with our four little girls; for my mom Diane and dad Jim to stay healthy and the shop to continue to run smoothly.

23. For my marriage and the struggles we are currently going through; that I will be able to reestablish contact with my wife; that my wife will find relief in all the problems she is having with furnace and water heater; that I will find the strength to weather the storm, the patience to wait for God’s plan to bear fruit, and the faith that he has a plan that I will be able to manage.

24. For my sister Nicole to get her head straight and her life back in order; for my dad’s recovery from heart surgery; for when I am transferred to another facility that they will have a guitar for me to play; that I will be able to get the electrical skilled trades course before I am sent home.

25. That Dave and his wife will mend their relationship; that she answers the phone or replies to his letters to let him know she’s ok.

26. That we may all grow closer to Jesus; open our spiritual eyes and ears and shower an abundance of blessing over all of us.

27. For all my family and loved ones, that God continues to shine down on them and draw them closer; for everyone on this compound, CO’s, administration, support staff and inmates, that God will touch and soften our hearts and let us spread Jesus love and peace to each other and be a bright light to others.

28. For the growth of the Christian church.

29. For my cousins Nathan and Rachel who just lost their father; that God will help give them strength and peace; for my kids to stay strong while they wait for me to get home; that all of my family will give them strength, peace, and comfort every day; for strength to get through everyday situations in here. 

30. For all our veterans, pastors, leaders and government officials and all of the people who have authority over us; for wisdom, courage, strength and love; that God will give others a chance and make a way for them to become better people through Jesus.

31. For the families who have lost loved ones, their homes, cars, pets and personal possessions in the California fires.

32. For Bonnie as she adjusts to her husband’s incarceration; for peace and patience.

33. PRAISE REPORT: I thank God for the revelation that is taking place and that the word of God is providing fruit for people on this compound; for the church and all faithful Christians around the world. Thank you, God, for keeping Eric’s father safe and protected during his surgery and for the speedy recovery he is having.

34. PRAISE REPORT: Thanks for all the love and fellowship you share, not only with me, but also with all the other brothers.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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