These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For my mom to have financial stability; for my sister to find peace and strength; for the mother of my kids to be able to afford their daily needs; for my kids to have stability back in their lives; that the world will come to know Jesus.
  2. For healing for my bunkie who just found out he has colon cancer.
  3. That God will give me wisdom and power to help those lost and to find the Spirit.
  4. For my dad and his financial and health problems.
  5. For my family and my wife who are struggling out there and trying to find faith.
  6. That my oldest daughter will let down her guard and contact me so that we can reunite in hopes of repairing our relationship.
  7. That I will be forgiven of my past sins and that God will open a window in heaven so that his light will shine on my life.
  8. For Dave wife Penny to find strength and hope; that she will be taken care of through God’s mercy and good grace; that their marriage stays strong.
  9. That God will reveal to my wife what he revealed to me concerning our relocation; for miraculous healing for Dirk and comfort for his family; for the child that died on the bus coming home from the football game; for healing for all those hurt; for forgiveness of purposely choosing to indulge in sinful pleasures and sexually immoral thoughts.
  10. For protection and mercy for my mother and our family.
  11. That God will watch over my daughter and her children; that God will bless me spiritually and financially in equipping me to minister to his people.
  12. That my sister will be blessed with a miracle and that her cancer will be healed and taken away.
  13. For all those who struggle with health issues and those who struggle with schooling; that all of the bullying and intimidation would come to a stop.
  14. For my god-father Roger who has cancer again and is not doing good; that God will touch him and heal his body and let him overcome this cancer; to renew his body physically and spiritually.
  15. That I will have more family contact through mail, phone and visits; for my friend KL to be healed from his illness.
  16. That my 11-yo twin boys will have godly people in their lives as role models; that their mom will come back to the Lord and find her faith again; that I will be given my parole and that I won’t be deported.
  17. For my dad to be blessed with good health and financial security.
  18. That I will be given strength when I’m presented with a roadblock.
  19. For my family and those around me; for strength, guidance and grace to make it through prison; for focus to reach my goal of self-control.
  20. That Sarah will be more active in the church; that I get accepted into the CPI Program; for my friends that are no longer at this facility.
  21. For my friend John that has cancer and not doing well; that God will touch and heal his body from the inside out; for our Dirk who also has cancer; that God will heal him and give him the strength that he needs to get through this; to heal his liver so he can get the chemo that he needs; for my family, friends, and loved ones, that God will put a hedge of protection around them, under them, and over them; for them and everyone else’s family that God will fill them with peace, joy, comfort, love, happiness, thankfulness, gentleness, patience, and self-control.
  22. That God will lead and guide us in his direction and that we will all follow his path of righteousness.
  23. For the safety of my family; that God will keep my daughters Nevaeh and Caylee close to him; that the Lord will walk with them in their journey while they wait for me to come home; that I will be able to have a relationship with them while I’m still incarcerated; that Jesus will keep my dad in good health
  24. For peace of mind that my 24-year-old sister is with God now and that my mother will find peace.
  25. That God will help repair my relationship with my brother and his wife.
  26. For peace on this compound; that God will find favor on me.
  27. That my victims will forgive me for the harm I caused them.
  28. For my marriage and my family as, they struggle in my absence; for my Bunkie who is a conflicted young man trying to stay on the good side of his life but feels the pull from the darkness and evil from the devil.
  29. The Burgs family; for God’s merciful hand in any situation.
  30. For my friend Trevor who is fighting cancer; that he will be healed and give renewed strength.
  31. For help for my family in raising the kids that have come into our life.
  32. For all the homeless and hungry around the world; for all the Christians around the world that are being persecuted.
  33. That God will help me through the troubles that are coming my way.
  34. For blessings on all of the brothers on the inside; that God will watch over my family; for the family of my friend Josh that recently passed away.
  35. That my family will accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.
  36. For Keagan, who is a brother in the Sunday congregation who is being transferred; that he goes home on scheduled and gets the answers to calm his nerves as to why he is being transferred; for Dominic who went home two weeks ago to find his adjustment to life on the outside and to do well.
  37. That God will watch over my father.
  38. That my victims, their families and my family will forgive me for my past sins.
  39. That Jesus will so me how to open my heart up and love others.
  40. For God to look after me during my incarceration and to give me strength in every way to stay out of trouble; that the parole board will give me a favorable decision and I will be able to return home.
  41. For safety over my family; that God will be seen in my life by others; that my gifts and works are pleasing to God.
  42. That my girlfriend is ok, I haven’t heard from her in over two weeks.
  43. That my grandma will have safe travel to Florida to visit my aunt who has cancer.
  44. For healing of my mom and myself from our health problems.
  45. That God will bless all of the Christian churches, schools, hospitals and prisons around the world.
  46. For God’s light to shine through me so others may find salvation.
  47. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you God for holding on to me as I deal with “the lack of light” in me.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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