These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For the leaders of our nation; for my health; that my psych evaluation will come back with favorable results for the parole board.
  2. That God will bless all of the brothers on this campus.
  3. That my family will accept Jesus as their Lord and savior; that I will have a blessed walk with God.
  4. That I will be able to have my stress test on the 13th to figure out why I have been fainting.
  5. That all of the inside members may find joy and peace in the Christmas season; help me with the separation that I am feeling being away from my loved ones.
  6. That the Holy Spirit will unite us all.
  7. For all of the family and friends of Lee who recently passed away from massive heart attack.
  8. That my medical problems will be healed so that I can reduce my stress level; for healing of my brother who has diabetes and had his foot amputated; for all of the personal issues I have been going through; that my appeal will be heard.
  9. That I will have restoration and forgiveness from my family and friends.
  10. That my family will find financial security and a house to live in.
  11. That God will watch over my family and children; that I will get a favorable outcome for my appeal.
  12. For the whole world to live in peace; that I will be able to restore contact with my mom who I haven’t heard from in two years.
  13. For strength to regain my walk with God after my recent back slide, putting my desires before God’s.
  14. For family strength, unity, guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  15. For world peace.
  16. For protection over the Christian Church; for all those less fortunate then I am; for safety and protection over my family; for a healthy family and children; that I will be able to reconnect with my kids; that I will be able to make amends with all of the people that I have hurt and injured in the past.
  17. That my 11-yo twin boys will have Godly role models in their lives; that their mother will find her faith and come back to God; that I will get my parole; that I will not be deported.
  18. That my son will be reunited with our family after the custody hearing in December.
  19. That my mom will send me some money for Christmas.
  20. That B will have opportunities in Christian service and that nothing hinders his plans.
  21. That BG will be guided by God and that he will learn God’s word.
  22. That I will have more spiritual moments with God; that I will find peace in getting through the death of my grandpa.
  23. For healing of my aunt who has stage 3 cancer; that my grandma will have a safe trip to Florida.
  24. That I will have peace and joy in my life; that the Lord strengthens my faith; that my family accepts Jesus as their lord and savior.
  25. For my cousin to start responding to his cancer treatment; that God will use me to do his work; that I will be able to get into the programs that I need to get my parole; that I will stay positive and reach out to unbelievers.
  26. That God will pour out his love on the world and that people will spread gods word.
  27. That God will save the lost, especially all the children around the world; that I will get my parole and be released from prison.
  28. For God to watch over my mom and my family; for safety over my children; that God will bless my friend spiritually and financially.
  29. That God will forgive me of my sins and open a door in heaven and let his light shine on my life.
  30. That families will be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays; for healing of my depression.
  31. For all of those in need, including my brothers and sisters in Christ and my family.
  32. For blessings on my daughter and her 2-month old baby.
  33. For peace, love, joy and unity between the brothers on this campus; for all of the volunteers of CFCRC; for those being persecuted for their faith.
  34. For the family of my victim who died during the crime; that I will be able to forgive myself and have forgiveness from his family.
  35. For the health of my girlfriends mother.
  36. That my strength would be renewed; that I will stop giving up so easily when I get frustrated with things; help to see the difference between right and wrong; to change my old ways into new ways; for safety, peace and patience.
  37. That God will keep all my brothers and sisters in Christ safe and protected.
  38. That my new boss and my family will love and accept me for who I am.
  39. That my wife will find a new job and home.
  40. For my wife to turn to God; that our marriage will be blessed; that I will receive wisdom and knowledge; for peace, love, joy and faith; that I will have a new relationship with my brother and sister.
  41. That I will keep my faith in Jesus; that I wont worry and trust God to help me through my troubles.
  42. For Ryan who recently had an aneurysm and is on life support.
  43. For healing for my daughter Sarah who recently had a successful surgery.
  44. That my family will be able to come and visit me during the holidays.
  45. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you God for your grace and for providing us with talent and opportunities to serve you.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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