These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For all of the men on this compound and their families as the holidays approach to stay focused on the reason for the season; that they will be able to deal with the separation and absence from each other.
  2. That God will bring safety to all the brothers and sisters in Christ.
  3. That all non-believers will repent and find Jesus.
  4. That God will bring strength into my life to break my porn addiction that I have struggled with since I was a teenager.
  5. That I will have improved health; that I will receive a positive decision from the parole board; for all of our leaders, the President and all those being persecuted for their belief.
  6. That LeAnn will receive help and encouragement; for continued help and blessings for my friends help.
  7. For my sister Carol and Gray and their families.
  8. For a unified Christian church; for the light of the Lord to shine in all of his children.
  9. That the doctors will find the cause of Richard’s pain and be able to relieve his symptoms and increase his strength.
  10. That brother Demos will be blessed with a miracle cure; that God will bless Carol and her family.
  11. For all those in pain and suffering from disease; that God will continue to bless all those who believe.
  12. That God will make all those in the congregation of Celebration Fellowship stronger in their faith and knowledge of the word.
  13. That God will bring healing to Rich and his stomach issues.
  14. For peace among the inmates; for all those families missing their loved ones during the upcoming Christmas season.
  15. For physical and emotional strength to carry on.
  16. For God to watch over my family; that they will have good health and safety; keep them humble, faithful and strong.
  17. That the Lord will watch over my family and friends.
  18. For all the brothers to stop fighting and breaking the rules.
  19. That I will be able to get over the fact that my family has accepted ex-wife and her new boyfriend, while they have all written me off and forgotten about me.
  20. That I will be able to make it through another holiday season without my family; that I will be able to find joy to keep my head held high.
  21. For all the families and victims affected by crime; for all the people affected by the wildfires.
  22. For all of the individuals who protect our freedom; for my family and the Christian church; for all the brothers and sisters in Christ.
  23. That I will be blessed with a helper to get me through all of this.
  24. For LeeAnn to have improved health and financial blessings.
  25. That I will be able to stop swearing; that I will learn to deal with all of the nonsense that takes place inside these fences.
  26. That God will watch over and bless my family.
  27. For blessings over me and my loved ones; for protection over all of the volunteers at CFCRC.
  28. That I will be able to find a way to overcome my depression and stop pretending everything is OK; to find a friend that I am able to be open and honest with.
  29. That God will bring peace to brother Dewitt and all the brothers on this compound.
  30. For blessings and protection over all Christians.
  31. For protection over Carol and her family.
  32. That I will be given spiritual help and the right hearts to share the good news to unbelievers.
  33. For all of my church brothers and sisters; that my family will be safe and blessed; that I will be reunited with my family and friends; for the ability to put the past behind me.
  34. For the ability to see Heaven in the eyes of sinners.
  35. For blessings over me and my loved ones; for honor and glory to share with non-believers.
  36. That God will bring a change of heart to my brother who just turned 18 and has already gotten a possession of marijuana charge. He was hoping to join the Army, but that is now on hold.
  37. That I will find strength and safety for me and my family.
  38. For family unity, strength, guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  39. That my children will be protected; for a favorable outcome in my appeal going through the courts.
  40. For blessings for all of the people who are praying for me; that I will be able to go home safe and sound; that I will learn from my past and be a better man now and in the future.
  41. For protection over me and my loved ones.
  42. For strength not to give up with all of the pressure that I am under; for a new work detail; that I will find strength and patience and not give up and go back to doing the wrong thing.
  43. That God will supply me and my friends with the spiritual resources that I need; that Jesus will watch over all the brothers and sisters in Christ.
  44. That I will be able to see the parole board in 2019.
  45. That I will find spiritual growth; that God will equip CFCRC with all of the tools needed to grow the congregation.
  46. For Jesus to help reunite all of the broken families all over the country.
  47. That God will bless the USA and all of its leaders.
  48. That God will deliver, protect and guide me closer to him and his word.
  49. That my kids will be reunited with my mom; that my bunkie will receive relief from his pain; that God will remove the pain in my back so that I am able to do more.
  50. For salvation for all non-believers; for protection over my grand baby so they have a bright future; that God will heal Pastor Bob.
  51. That my friends stress test will go well next week.
  52. For Calvin College and the professors that help all of us move through the program.
  53. For leadership and guidance for the praise team and the leadership team.
  54. PRAISE REPORT: For all the love and support that I receive from God and the support and love from my family.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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