These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For the Good Time law to be passed in the state house and senate; for all those who suffer from Alzheimer’s; that I will receive the help I need with my case.
  2. That I keep a strong relationship with Jesus; that I will be able to lead my girlfriend to Jesus; that I will study God’s word on a daily basis.
  3. That my family will be protected while I’m away; that I will stay strong in my faith.
  4. That my aunt will recovery quickly from her surgery.
  5. For all of the brothers and sisters in Christ.
  6. That all Christians around the world will study God’s word daily.
  7. That I will be given reprieve from my depression and remember that all things are for a reason; for healing of my mom’s friend who is battling cancer.
  8. That my mom will win her battle with the cancer she’s fighting.
  9. For all those who are thinking about me and praying for me to have joy, happiness and safety in their lives.
  10. That my family and friends will be blessed; that my appeal process will continue to go in my favor.
  11. That my mental silence will finally let me rest and find peace; that my family will have a safe and warm winter.
  12. That God will help me with my anger problems; that I will be forgiven of my past sins and have the strength to fight the evil that is all around me.
  13. That Tony will get scheduled for his heart surgery.
  14. For all those who are homeless and lonely.
  15. For knowledge and wisdom to learn god’s word; that we will all have power, courage and strength over the enemy; that God will move the mountains in my life.
  16. That all of my health problems will be healed; that I will be able to complete my correspondence school work; that my spelling will improve.
  17. For my friend who was just released after 32-years on the inside; keep him in the spirit of Christ and on his walk with God.
  18. For all the brothers to live in peace and harmony at IBC.
  19. That I will be reunited with my family in the new year.
  20. For unity and peace in all prisons and jails.
  21. For all our troops around the world.
  22. That I will do better on a daily basis; for my family’s safety and wellbeing.
  23. That my family will finally accept Jesus as their savior; that I will continue to receive god’s wisdom and guidance.
  24. That I will have my guardian angel with me during my parole hearing and that I will receive a favorable outcome.
  25. For family strength, wisdom, guidance, unity, knowledge, forgiveness and understanding.
  26. For all of my loved ones; for all the lost souls around the world; for those who are homeless, hungry and jobless.
  27. That Ty’s grandma will fully recover.
  28. For wisdom to make better decisions; that I will be able to build a better relationship with my kids.
  29. That I will be able to help others see the light of Jesus and spread his word.
  30. That we will remember the reason for Christmas all year long.
  31. For my friend Trevor and his grandma who are both fighting cancer.
  32. That I will receive my transcripts next month to help with my appeal and I can turn in my brief on time; for wisdom, knowledge and strength; that God will keep my family strong and that my son Mason will make positive changes in his life.
  33. That Lee Ann will find help and financial assistance.
  34. That I will be able to reconcile with my friend Talece.
  35. For all those who deal with depression and loneliness on a daily basis.
  36. For my friend Kevin who suffers from migraine headaches.
  37. For continued good health and safety; for hope, joy, peace and love.
  38. For world peace.
  39. For all Christians around the world to be held high and protected from danger.
  40. That families and friends will not forget about all of us on the inside; that relationships can be mended and renewed.
  41. That my sister will be free of her depression and able to find a good job.
  42. For all those on the inside who pray on the weak, that they may find empathy and see and feel the damage they are causing to themselves and others around them.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……


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