These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For God’s love to pour into my life; that my five children will be protected and blessed; for all the orphaned children around the world to have safety and the comfort of a permanent loving family.
  2. For peace of mind,
  3. For Josh, the victim in my crime who died, that his family will find peace and comfort.
  4. That I will be blessed with wisdom, knowledge, guidance and understanding.
  5. That my family and I will come back together; for protection and growth of the Christian church here and around the world.
  6. That my family will be blessed; that we will all remember the meaning of Christmas all year long.
  7. For my sons to have strength, health, protection and love; that their mom will have stability and happiness.
  8. For my sister Sandy who had a mild stroke; for my uncle Tom who has stage 3 COPD; for my sister Sarah who suffers from chronic pain.
  9. That my ex-wife will allow me to have contact with my children.
  10. That everyone will come to accept god into their lives.
  11. For peace in my children’s lives as they struggle through each day without me in their lives.
  12. That all the brothers and sisters in Christ will receive strength, guidance and peace.
  13. That CF CRC will have another amazing year and continued growth; that my friend Meech’s sister will be received in heaven; that her family will find peace and comfort in this difficult time.
  14. For all the CF CRC volunteers; for Char to recover from here recent hospital stay; for big Rob who just got out of protective custody; for forgiveness from all of those I have hurt in the past.
  15. That my family will accept Jesus as their lord and savior.
  16. That my family and I will have peace in the new year.
  17. That I will have all the support in place for my March 7th release.
  18. That we all grow closer to Jesus and reach out to all of the lost souls around the world.
  19. For guidance; for my wife to feel better from her recent sickness and all of the pain she is going through.
  20. That my sister will find the help she needs to fight her addiction; that I will be able to continue with my appeal; that God will protect my co-defendant who is also serving time.
  21. For protection and blessings over my family and I; that I will keep my head held high as I go through the struggles of the appeal process.
  22. That I will be allowed to see my family this year.
  23. That my family will be blessed and protected in the new year.
  24. For a miraculous release from prison.
  25. For my wife and all my loved ones; that Nissa and MJ will be able to find a new home; for my freedom on the inside; that Sharon will finally see that my heart belongs to her; that I will stay positive.
  26. That my appeal will have a positive outcome.
  27. That more people will come to accept Jesus in the new year.
  28. For my brother-in-law Carl who is on dialysis; that he will receive healing and gain his strength; that I will have all the blessings and good fortune as I return to life on the outside in four days.
  29. That God will lead me in the right direction so that his will be done; for strength to overcome my fears, doubt and worry; that the spirit will always be with me; that my family will be watched over in my absence.
  30. For my family and all those that are thinking about me to never give up; for forgiveness of all my sins.
  31. For my little brother who is abusing prescription drugs; that my moms health and emotional state will improve; that I will find peace in my life.
  32. That my father will get the promotion that he has been working towards; that my family will be blessed.
  33. For knowledge and wisdom as I dig into God’s word.
  34. For all the brothers at IBC; that there will be peace on this compound; for my son Devon to come to find the Lord and accept him as his savior.
  35. For peace in my life; that my daughter will be watched over; that I will find patience and trust in the Lord; that I will devote more time to the Lord and stop making excuses; that peace will be upon all my children.
  36. That my aunt will recover from her recent heart attack.
  37. PRAISE REPORT: I just want to say thank you for never giving up on me. I know I’m not perfect in so many ways, yet you still love me and your always there for me.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless…… JSH

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