These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For the brothers who are struggling with loneliness and anger.
  2. That my many sins will be forgiven; that relationships will be restored.
  3. For strength to get through my prison journey; for protection over my family.
  4. That I will have a positive hearing with the parole board; for my loved one’s safety.
  5. That my family will be protected and provided for.
  6. For love, strength, guidance, knowledge, understanding and family unity.
  7. That we can all love one another.
  8. For my fellow brothers, my family and myself; that I will get time off my sentence; that I will get the chance to turn my life around and live a godly life.
  9. For my wife and my children to be blessed with all their needs.
  10. For my son’s mother and her financial issues; that my son will continue to do weel in school.
  11. For protection of my wife and daughter; that they will turn and accept Jesus as their savior.
  12. That I will become a better person; safety and security for my family.
  13. For both of my parents who are in the hospital; for my brother who just lost his mom.
  14. For all of the children who suffer from cancer; for brothers who are in dispare; for the families of all of the inmates; for those who are homeless.’
  15. That my family will accept Jesus as their savior.
  16. That God will restore the relationships in my life; that I will find happiness and peace.
  17. That I will find strength to keep going and building my relationship with Jesus; that I will be reunited with Taylor so that I can show her the way to Jesus; safety for my family; that I will find spiritual growth; to keep Melissa and her son safe.
  18. For my moms health; for family unity.
  19. That I will be able to get home to my family; that my family will have peace and safewty in my absence.
  20. For safety while im incarcerated; that I will get my parole and have a successful life.
  21. That my parents will have good health; that I will be reunited with my family and friends.
  22. For my siters child who just had 5 seizures and a brain hemorrhage.
  23. For my daughters friend who is having suicidal thoughts; for her parents to be able to find her the help she needs.
  24. That my daughter will be able to pas her RN exam.
  25. For my bunkie with locked up.
  26. For safety and security of my loved ones.
  27. That I will be able to get my GED; that my family will be healthy and safe.
  28. That I will have more pure thoughts.
  29. That my children will be blessed; that my apeal will go well.
  30. That I find peace, love, happines and forgivines; that I will live for God; that I will stop worrying; to have faith and love in God.
  31. That the love of God will always be with my family; for world peace.
  32. That God will heal the pain I have in my heart; that I will stay focused on the Lord; that I will stay focused during the tough times; that God will watch over my family; that I will become a beter person.
  33. That my faith will grow and become stronger.
  34. That my family and friends will have safe travel throughout the year.
  35. For my family to find Jesus.
  36. For God to keep us all safe, staff and inmates alike.
  37. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for all of the bessings that I receive. Honor, glory and praise to you Lord.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……