These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For my family to be protected and blessed.
  2. That the holy spirit will guide us throughout the week.
  3. For redemption, salvation, and forgiveness.
  4. Strengthe for me and my loved ones; that I will have a closer relationship with Jesus.
  5. That I don’t worry about the small things; that my loved ones will be blessed; that we will glorify God.
  6. That things will get better for me and my family.
  7. For recovery and forgiveness for all the wrong I have done in my life.
  8. For God’s love in my life; that Josh’s family will someday forgive me for his death.
  9. For love, peace, guidance, strength, knowledge and understanding.
  10. That God will restore faith to all those who have lost it.
  11. For forgiveness from all 38 of my victims; for all the others I have hurt in my life; that God will show his light in my life,
  12. For my loved ones, my church and all those in need; that God will show me his that he has for me.
  13. For peace and strength everyday; that I will be a a beacon showing God’s light.
  14. That Char will be healed and able to return as a volunteer.
  15. That God will continue to to let his spirit reign in my life.
  16. That me and my loved ones will have a better relationship with God.
  17. That I will be able to get all my classes completed.
  18. For Tom who just found out his cancer has returned.
  19. That God will continue to be with everyone on the inside and to live in peace.
  20. That my step mom will be healed of her cancer that has gotten much worse and was given 6-months to live.
  21. That I will get through my MSOP class and have productive meetings with the psychologists.
  22. That the Holy Spirit will be obvious in my life everyday; that I will find forgiveness.
  23. That Joel will find peace and grace after the loss of his son; that Dave will be cured of his cancer.
  24. That all 5 of my children will find God’s wisdom.
  25. For my mom who suffers from COPD.
  26. That my wife Kaitlyn will find salvation; healing for my daughter Jesse.
  27. For my wife and children to be blessed and protected.
  28. That I will have strength of mind; that my wife will be patient and wait for my return.
  29. That my grandfathers health will improve.
  30. For strength and knowledge in the Lord; for my family that is struggling; that they will be able to get a new car as the last one was stolen; for their financial issues; that they will have good health and safety.
  31. For our country’s government and its leaders to find common ground; that God will come back into our government; for all the homeless.
  32. That my fateher will be healed; that God will keep his hand on my family and friends.
  33. For strength of fellowship; that I will stay strong for my family and my church.
  34. PRAISE REPORT: I thank God for my life and my freedom on the inside. Thank you for the body of Christ and everything you’re doing here at IBC. Thank you for my wife and family. I thank you for your loving and moving spirit. For all of the love and hope you give us on a daily basis and for always being here for me and my loved ones.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……