These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That God will bless all of the unemployed with a new job.
  2. That my family and children will recover from there recent illness.
  3. For guidance in my sobriety; that I will be able to overcome; that I will get through the dark moments I encounter.
  4. That I will be blessed financially so that I can pay off my court fines.
  5. For faith, wisdom, knowledge, courage, love, joy, happiness, peace and patience; for all of my loved ones.
  6. That God will lead me where he wants my life to go; that I will be content, no matter what.
  7. That I will live the rest of my life in a happy, joyful and peaceful manner.
  8. For Pastor Bob and his family who recently lost a loved one.
  9. That my friend will recover from surgery last week.
  10. That I will receive a date for a parole hearing.
  11. That I will be mentally prepared to return to the outside this summer.
  12. That my fellow brothers will finally tear down the walls that keep them from loving others and themselves; that they will finally come to God and live by his word.
  13. Family, unity, peace, love, faith, guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  14. For a movement of God’s love on this compound.
  15. For blessings on all of the men at this facility and all institutions around this country and the world.
  16. That the brothers will step up and take leadership roles to help make this a better place.
  17. That my family will accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.
  18. That the homeless will find shelter; for all those fighting any type of addiction.
  19. That I will have the opportunity to serve others while I’m on the inside.
  20. For all those who attend CF CRC to follow the Lord and study his word daily.
  21. For my daughter and all of my loved ones to be blessed in every way.
  22. That my grandma will start to feel better; that God will heal all those in need.
  23. For spiritual leadership within me; that I will be prepared to bring the light to others in the world; that my court date will go well.
  24. That all of those on the compound will live in harmony.
  25. That I will receive wisdom and be surrounded by godly people; that the compound will calm down and become safer.
  26. That my daughter will recover quickly from two recent surgeries; that my family will deal with all of the stresses of the outside world.
  27. That the community will all of us a second chance once we are released.
  28. That I will get a second chance to live in the free world; that my wife and family will be blessed.
  29. For peace and comfort for my friend who recently lost his mother.
  30. For daily sanity.
  31. That God will watch over my family; that I will receive understanding.
  32. That I will commit more time to my study of the word.
  33. For my brother who is starting to drift away from the Lord; help him to get through the darkness.
  34. For spiritual leadership within me; for protection over my family and friends.
  35. PRAISE REPORT: For all of the blessings I receive on a daily basis.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……