These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For mom who is suffering from COPD; that she will regain her strength and be more independent.
  2. That my brother his girlfriend and her daughter will stay healthy and blessed in every way; that my brother will stay out of trouble so that he can support his family.
  3. For my health problems; that my appeal will start going better and in my favor.
  4. For my dad David who is very sick and in the hospital.
  5. That the Lord’s people will wake up and stop allowing the devil into their lives.
  6. That my family will be watched over and blessed.
  7. That I will be financially independent while I am in here so that my family will not have to support me.
  8. That I will discover my purpose here on earth and do God’s will; that my family will be protected and blessed; that I will receive good news on my appeal.
  9. For my mom who recently lost her son.
  10. That my relationship will grow with my daughter.
  11. That my Bunkie will receive his parole after he sees the parole board.
  12. That God will remove all of the roadblocks that are keeping me from having a good relationship with my family and friends; that I will have strength to block temptation.
  13. That the Lord will watch over my family and friends; for wisdom, strength and determination in my walk with the lord; that I will be forgiven for all my wrongs and sins that I have committed.
  14. That my mom will have safe travels when ever she is on the road.
  15. That I will be released before my outdate; for my family’s happiness.
  16. For safety and blessings over my dad will be having multiple surgeries in the coming days; that my family will be there to support him during his recovery.
  17. That God will help me stay in hos word; that I will have faith and learn to love those around me; that my family and kids will be watched over and blessed.
  18. That I will be able to get through all of my upcoming court matters.
  19. For spiritual grow and knowledge of his word.
  20. That my communication will be more open with my family.
  21. That my upcoming sentencing will go in my favor; that I won’t be transferred to a new facility north of the bridge.
  22. For the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and guidance and answers the questions that I continue to have in my head; that I will be able to rebuild a relationship with my ex-wife and my daughter.
  23. That Gods healing power will come over my sister and heal her cancer.
  24. That my family and children will have a safe and productive summer.
  25. That God will be with my friends Brian and Manuel.
  26. For safety and security for my loved ones; that I will be protected throughout my incarnation; that I will continue to have a good relationship with my kids.
  27. That the judge will have a kind heart and show mercy on me as my upcoming court date approaches.
  28. That my family member will be able to overcome their addiction; for all those struggling with any type of addiction.
  29. That I will always be thankful for everything that I have.
  30. That I will be placed in the program that I need so that I can go home on time.
  31. That my sister and her boyfriend will have a safe vacation.
  32. For healing of my nephew Justin who recently had a stroke; for all those who are sick and suffering that God will heal them and allow them to regain their strength.
  33. That I will step away from trouble and temptations; for all of the men on this compound; that I will not be a burden on my family.
  34. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for everything you do in my life.
  35. PRAISE REPORT: I just want to say thank you for everything that your doing in my life.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH