These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For hope, faith, knowledge, courage, patience, love, joy, happiness, and peace; that I will find guidance and stay on my journey with Christ.
  2. That God will keep giving me joy on a daily basis.
  3. That I will become a better man, father, son and friend; for wisdom to do the right things in life.
  4. For my mom to have successful heart surgery and a speedy recovery.
  5. For safety and blessing on my family, friends and loved ones.
  6. That my moms shoulder surgery will go well; that my mom and dad will continue to stick with me through this incarceration.
  7. That I will be given emotional healing during my time of grief.
  8. That my trial will go well, and I will get a fair outcome; that my family will get in touch with me after 6-years of no communication.
  9. That my dad will have a speedy recovery and be released from the hospital soon.
  10. For all the fathers in the world to keep their kids front and center and raise them to be strong in their Christian faith.
  11. For all of the orphans around the world to find a loving family.
  12. That my Court of Appeals hearing will go in my favor and that I will get a reduced sentence; for my family to start communicating with me again.
  13. That my family will receive every blessing they need.
  14. For all of the brothers and sisters that are in jail or prison to find the Lord.
  15. That God will guide me on my journey in life with strength, faith and courage.
  16. That my dad’s health will be restored; that our relationship will continue to strengthen and grow strong; that I will have better self control in my life.
  17. That I will get out and still have both of my parents alive; that they will live to see me home and a free man again; that they will be able to visit me more often as they live outside the US.
  18. That my relationship will grow with my family; that my release in September will go well.
  19. That people will not allow their circumstances to consume them; that they will live a God centered life and always keep the faith.
  20. That the Lord will bless my mom and heal her heart.
  21. For protection over my family; that I will stay focused on God.
  22. That I will become a better person; that I will be able to control my addictions.
  23. That my friend will stop having seizures.
  24. That I will have understanding, wisdom and patience; that I will stay focused on my relationship with God.
  25. PRAISE REPORT: God is Good.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH