These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For blessing over my family and all those I come into contact with this week.
  2. That Pastor Bob’s back will heal.
  3. For protection over all the inside and outside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC.
  4. That my friend will find a good job; that she will stay cancer free and that her leg will continue to strengthen and heal.
  5. For my friends who are dealing with grief of another family member who has cancer.
  6. That I will be able to finish my education by the time I am released and rejoin my family.
  7. That the warden and administrative staff will continue to work with Calvin University and the Calvin College Prison Initiative.
  8. That all those involved in the CCPI will be a model to others in the prison system and the community.
  9. That my friend will have a speedy recovery after her recent cancer surgery.
  10. That my mom and sister will have safe travel from New York.
  11. That my sister will be able to maintain her job and her family; that they will be blessed and protected.
  12. That my sister will be able to meet her weight loss goals.
  13. That my cousin will heal from his critical injuries that he sustained in a recent car accident.
  14. That God will fill all of us with his grace and hope.
  15. That I will be set free from prison so that I can be a good father to my children.
  16. That I will be released on my ERD so that I can return to my family.
  17. For my mom to find financial help while raising my three kids; that she will find spiritual strength to raise them in God’s word.
  18. That I will be able to get a visit from my family.
  19. That my family will be protected and blessed.
  20. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you God for keeping my mom cancer free for the past year.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH