These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For restoration of my family and my 6-year-old daughter; that they will all accept God as their Lord and Savior.
  2. That once I walk out of here, that everything continues to work in my favor; that all the brothers and sisters will allow God into their lives
  3. For my friend who is going home to find the right path; that he will be successful in every challenge he comes across.
  4. That God will have mercy on my upcoming sentencing hearing and give me a second chance after 37-years.
  5. For all of those who are taking programs and classes to be patient, gain knowledge and find wisdom to understand the information being taught; that I will have the ability to learn and grow using the tools being taught and provided.
  6. That brother Suin will find guidance and patience throughout his trial; that brother Huntington will receive the answers to his prayers.
  7. That my friend Alicia will have a good outcome in court; that my dad will forgive me; that my family and children will be blessed.
  8. That my parole board hearing will go well this month; that my program classes will be deferred until I’m released; that I will be home before Christmas.
  9. That God will help be keep all things in order according to his plan; that my bunkies family will be blessed and protected.
  10. That my appeal process will go in my favor; for my family and my daughters.
  11. That my uncle will have a speedy recovery in the hospital.
  12. That my family will be blessed; that they remain in good health; that my appeal will go well.
  13. For protection over my family and friends.
  14. That my friend will follow God’s path after he is released.
  15. That I will have a good outcome after my oral argument; I miss my family and I want to be reunited with them.
  16. That once I leave this facility my path will always be straight, and that God will guide me.
  17. That God will put it on my daughter’s moms’ heart to accept my calls and let me talk with my daughters.
  18. For God’s protection over the entire IBC facility.
  19. That the truth will finally come out and that I will be released.
  20. That God will watch over all the families of the men on the inside.
  21. That I will have patience and understanding while I’m on the inside.
  22. That I will be waived to Level 2 so that I can complete all of my program classes; that I will be able to return home soon; that God will lay the foundation for a positive life ahead of me.
  23. For my family and friends to be protected spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally and physically; that God will watch over my girlfriend.
  24. That my family will be safe until I return home.
  25. For all those who are going through life’s struggles; that we will all be reunited with our families.
  26. For the devil to be blocked out of our lives.
  27. That I will be a better boyfriend; that Lee Ann will have healing over her kidney problems.
  28. For blessings over my mom and loved ones.
  29. For God’s light to shine over IBC; for love and healing; that I will be a faithful servant to God.
  30. For blessings over our president, his family and the cabinet; that he will be blessed with Devine wisdom and protection over the USA; bind the evil forces of the demonic realm and hateful attacks and lies; let the truth be known so that the Lord can be glorified in our hearts and in our nation.
  31. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for your salvation; thank you for this church; thank you for continuing to bless my friends and family.
  32. PRAISE REPORT: thank you for being an amazing God. You sent your son to die on the cross so that we me y be entitled to the kingdom and to be able to have a relationship with you.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH