These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For an understanding heart to serve others; for wisdom to connect with men and women in my life.
  2. That I will be spiritually equipped for where God’s is leading me.; for Pastor Bob and all the CF CRC volunteers.
  3. For the law makers to pass a twenty-year sentence so that I will be able to have a second chance.
  4. That the outside member whose daughter had brain surgery will recover quickly.
  5. For my friend’s daughter to get out of a bad relationship; that her boyfriend will stop using drugs.
  6. That my son will serve God; that I will be able to restore my relationship with my daughter and her mom; that my friends in Mississippi will be able to adjust to their new surroundings.
  7. That my aunt will recover from her sickness and regain her strength.
  8. That I will strengthen my relationship with God.
  9. For the congregation of CF CRC to grow and become a leader for those that are lost.
  10. That God will continue to look after me and forgive me of all my sins; that God will fight my battles and protect me from all evil.
  11. That my Bunkie will finally accept God as his lord and savior.
  12. That my friend will find strength and wisdom as he is struggling to raise his child who has a physical challenge and requires extra work.
  13. That everyone in my family will stay sober.
  14. For God to heal the family of the MDOC officer who committed suicide.
  15. For our Chaplin who is moving to a new facility to have an easy transition.
  16. That the MDOC will make more space for prisoners to have better access to Healthcare and treatment at the Forensic Center in Salient, MI.
  17. For Lee Ann’s health; that God to take care of her as she continues getting dialysis.
  18. For the church, that there will be deliverance, peace and joy everlasting.
  19. For God to give me wisdom, courage, and patience in my attempt to go through the courts; for parenting time with my daughter.
  20. For the fruits of the Spirit, patience, and strength; for my family to be in Christ.
  21. For my loved ones; for my wife; that you give me everything I need right now.
  22. That the Lord will keep his children safe; protect those who are struggling and need help; protect those who can’t protect themselves; give woman and others the strength they need to get away from negative and abusive environments.
  23. For my brother and his girlfriend to get there lives in order and have all the blessings they need.
  24. That my children will be protected; that the family of the deceased in my case (my youngest child’s mother) will find forgiveness in their hearts; that I will be able to see my youngest son one day.
  25. For my friend’s grandma that is in the hospital right now with a blood clot in her kidney.
  26. For my father-in-law who was recently diagnosed with very aggressive lymphoma; for a miracle and for God to move in this situation.
  27. For my uncle who was in a car accident and injured his shoulder and hasn’t been able to work.
  28. For forgiveness of my sins; give me the will power and faith to overcome evil and to stay away from bad people.
  29. For strength and courage to stand against any evil attack.
  30. For my grandpa whose vision is getting worse; for my grandma to find assistance so they can get help around the house.
  31. For my mom to step up and start helping my grandparents around their house.
  32. For help with my mouth to talk good and not evil.
  33. That I be given an opportunity to leave this prison; to be with my kids and give them a hug and touch their hearts.
  34. For all our brothers who have left Celebration Fellowship, transferred, or paroled. May God’s blessings always be upon them.
  35. For continued blessings for my wonderful mother and all she does. What an example she is for all who are looking.
  36. That the Lord helps me to stay strong in Him and He makes reuniting with my kids go smoothly.
  37. For all of the guests from Sunday morning services and Tuesday night CF CRC. Protect them and supply their hearts desires. They are amazing people who fulfill your plan; for Ms. Otterbein, that you direct her spirit according to your will, plan, and purpose. Put a hedge of protection of her life and her family and ministry.
  38. For my aunt to get help to pay off her bills and get out of debt.
  39. For my who son fell off his dirt bike and broke his collar bone and three ribs. He has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on Friday; for less pain and more healing.
  40. That the Lord will be with Ashley and Tiffany and keep their hearts lifted and continue to give them the strength to continue being happy.
  41. That all those in need will find shelter, food, and employment; for all those around the world who go hungry on a daily basis to be able to find adequate food and nutrition.
  42. For my sister to find a job get the help she needs to pay off her college loans.
  43. PRAISE REPORT: Dear father I just want to say thank you for creating me in your image.
  44. PRAISE REPORT: God I would like to thank you for all the people you place in my life and make me into the great man you created me to be. I pray that the body of Christ at IBC become unified and welcoming to all of God’s creation. Let brotherly love lead us.
  45. PRAISE REPORT: An abundance of praises for the intimacy of sharing love and concern of the will of our Father.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH