These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For God’s will to strengthen me to overcome obstacles in my life; that I will be delivered from this sentence and allowed to return home.
  2. That I will receive my parole in 2021.
  3. For wisdom, strength and patience on all things in my life.
  4. That God will watch over my brother who is in the armed forces.
  5. That I will stay on good behavior and stay out of trouble once I get released in two months.
  6. That God will help me find my way home.
  7. That my mom will be able to get over grief in the loss of her brother from a house fire; that my uncle will be cured from his cancer.
  8. That I will stay faithful to my friends; that I will serve the Lord in all ways.
  9.  That my son and his girlfriend will stay in the Lord.
  10. For God to watch over and bless my family.
  11. That God will extend his love, peace and happiness into my life; for God to open his treasurers of heaven in the CF CRC congregation.
  12. For blessings over my family; for all the men and women in the military; that all those who are dealing with sicknesses and illnesses will be healed.
  13. For God to fill everyone with the fruit of the spirit.
  14. That all the homeless will have food and shelter over the coming winter. due
  15. That my family will accept me back once I’m released.
  16. That my friend will receive a paid trip to Pleasant Hunt Ranch.
  17. That people will donate money to Kids Food Basket in Grand Rapids.
  18. That my friend and her daughter will be able to get moved out of a bad situation to her boyfriend using drugs.
  19. That I will finally get past grieving the loss of my mom and dad years ago; that I will serve God on a more regular basis.
  20. That the Nonviolent Communication will be extended to the public to help educate the men and women nationwide and around the world to end violence.
  21. For Pastor Bob and his family; that God will keep a covering protection over CF CRC and all of the inside and outside members.
  22. That God will watch over my mom and the rest of my family.
  23. For patience as members of my family who are ill recover; that God will bring my family closer.
  24. For blessings for the Restorative Justice Conference guest speaker; for blessings over my family; for all the people behind the scenes in the Catholic Diocese in Grand Rapids.
  25. For healing of my friend over the loss of another friend; that she will be able to control her emotions and not feel helpless.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH