These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. That I will be open to the concept of tithing the most valuable gift of time.
  2. For a positive outcome with the parole board in so that I can go home.
  3. For those who have served our country and families; for all those away from family and loved ones.
  4. For strength in the Lord; for spiritual gifts from the gospel; strength and faith for my family; for brother who’s newly married and embarking on a new unknown journey in this life; for peace, protection, guidance, and deliverance.
  5. For the fruits of the Spirit; for my family and my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  6. For understanding of God’s word.
  7. That I will complete my class and get a new ruling from the parole board; that the Lord will keep me safe, give me guidance and patience.
  8. That Jesus accepts me; that I will be a better man; that I will forgive all of my enemies; that will get the needed supplies from my family; that you watch over and guide the world in your special way.
  9. For love and thanksgiving.
  10. For a positive outcome when I go to the parole board on Wednesday.
  11. For my bunkies situation and that the Lord would bring my bunkie to repentance, or grant me a new Bunkie, or a room change; for the patience and his love to endure through the challenges of a man who delights in vulgar speech.
  12. For protection over my daughters; to reunite us back together as soon as possible; for motivation.
  13. For my father-in-law who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer; for my uncle that has liver failure and recently got a bad infection that spread though his entire body and he has been put on hospice care; for my aunt who has been battling cancer for 2-years and was just told by her doctors that she has 6-months to live; for God to watch over each of them and my family and bring healing and peace.
  14. That I will get a new bunkie to share God’s word with for my friend who is having a difficult time raising her child who has a disability; for God’s grace to heal her and bring comfort with strength.
  15. For my family and everyone in my household to stay sober. 
  16. For my mother and my daughter and her family; for people who lost their life in the mass shootings; for all those that are homeless; for Pastor Bob, the outside members and the entire inside congregation; that the church become one big family in unity.
  17. For God to bring people home out of prison and to end mass incarceration in the United States; for our church services with the praise and worship team. 
  18. For the people who are suffering from various illness; that God will continue to bring healing to them and their families; for my wife and children.
  19. That my father’s health will be restored; for my dad, mom, brother and sister.
  20. That I will rededicate my life to Jesus; that I will be able to be a bigger part of Celebration Fellowship.
  21. That I will receive all the Lord has to offer me. 
  22. That I will beat the ticket that I just received. 
  23. For protection over my brother who is not believing the good news of Jesus; that I will give God the glory for my sister getting a job; that I will focus on the Lord more than the other things that don’t matter.
  24. For all to come into the glory of God; that my family, friends and loved one’s will humble themselves and believe in the name of Jesus; that my daughter will become more of a woman and understand what life has to offer and what it can take from you; that my appeal goes right so I can go be with my loved ones.
  25. For me to be able to help those who need my guidance; that I will reconcile with those from my past; that my son’s mother continues to help how she’s been; for all the brothers to come to the state of mind that God is real and he will help them in the time of need.
  26. That all my brothers may know that God is love and that he will guide them when the time comes; for God to carry you through the storm until the light shines bright.
  27. That I will be able to go home to my family. 
  28. For getting out of prison and for reconciliation with my family; that I will have a good outcome after my upcoming court date in November; for my friend’s health and that he keeps his alcoholism in check.
  29. For my insurance issues to get cosmetics bags.
  30. That I will stop sleeping so much and find help with my Narcolepsy; for more physical strength
  31. For a clear mind and boost from God; that I will find help for my substance abuse.
  32. For my foot pain to be healed. 
  33. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you, Jesus, for making it possible for us to have a relationship with the Father.
  34. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for letting me wake up and see today.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH