These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests:

  1. For blessings over all those who are disadvantaged; for protection and safety over our military troops around the world.
  2. That God will come into my life so that I can have eternal life in heaven.
  3. That I will be granted my parole in December; for my grandmother to have better health; that my dads finances will get better so that his stress level will decrease.
  4. That God will help me overcome all the distractions in my life so that I can focus on the important things to better my life.
  5. That two of my unit friends will get their paroles in 2020; that my bunkies relationship will work out for time; that my sister will have a successful surgery to repair the hole in her heart and that she will have a speedy recovery.
  6. For God to watch over my two sons; that God will send blessings to my entire family.
  7. That the state would overhaul the medical treatment teams and the prisoner Healthcare system in the MDOC.
  8. For two of my friends who are dealing with serious health problems and for the surgeons who will be preforming their surgeries.
  9. That my family will stay healthy and strong in their faith.
  10. That my mom and sister will be able to get over the flu and start to feel better.
  11. That my sister will continue to heal and recover from her recent brain surgery.
  12. For Pastor Bob and his wife and all of the inside and outside volunteers at CF CRC; that all the brothers would come together and grow in God’s love.
  13. That God will watch over and bless my wife, kids and aunt; that my anxiety levels will start to decrease.
  14. That I will be able to receive the treatment programs that I need once I am released.
  15. That my kids will be placed with their aunt until I’m released.
  16. For the opportunity to receive the counseling that I need, so that I can be released on time.
  17. For protection over my kids and family; that I will be able to attend college once I’m released.
  18. That God will watch over my dad, mom, brother and sister; that I will have a positive parole hearing in February.
  19. That there will be peace in the Middle East and all of our troops will be able to return home.
  20. That I will be able to keep a cool head and not lose my temper.
  21. That the Lord will heal my brother’s cancer.
  22. That my family will welcome me home after I’m released.
  23. That my chronic runny nose will finally stop.
  24. That my grandpa will recovery quickly; that once released, I will be able to care for my kids and pay my bills.
  25. For the Lord to forgive me for all my past sins; that I will be able to find home placement once I’m released.
  26. That my brother and sister will find Jesus.
  27. That I will be released and able to live at my grandma’s house.
  28. That the orphans in Kenya will find safety and security; that Kid’s Food Basket in Grand Rapids will continue to thrive and grow and feed more disadvantaged kids.
  29. That my daughter, who just turned 18, will now start to visit me.
  30. PRAISE REPORT:  Thank you God for my brothers-in-law successful heart valve surgery.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH