These are prayer requests from inside members of Celebration Fellowship CRC. Please pray for the following requests.

  1. That my wife and family will be blessed. My wife had cancer, but she is healed. They are coming back from Texas to be with me. That all goes well with them on there trip to Michigan and for the continued healing of my wife.
  2. For my ex-wife Sherri who just lost her mom to liver cancer, and then our beloved cat Banshee, also has cancer; for God to comfort Sherri and help her out of her addictions (smoking, drinking, social media) and to go back to church.
  3. That I will continue to utilize my gifts to worship and honor God; to give my total self and crucify the old man and his desires.
  4. For brother Roger and his journey home; that he stays filled with the spirit of the Lord Jesus and that he can teach others about the grace of God.
  5. That God lightens my path: for clarification with my vision to see Him in my decisions for life.
  6. For Juanita, a friend of my family that has lung cancer. She’s a believer that Jesus is our savior. Pray that she’s keeping the faith in this difficult time.
  7. For my lawyer to have the wisdom to get me a new trial; for me to get a new trial so I can get the truth out to set me free; for all the men here to get home to their families; for Gigi and the 9 others who lost their lives on January 26. May God bless their families forever.
  8. For my friend Monica’s throat surgery and healing to go well; for my friend April who will be giving birth soon; for her healing and the health of her baby.
  9. For my two daughters Janavia and Christy’ana; for my mother, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews to be blessed; for my appeal that’s in the supreme court.
  10. For both of my children, my parents, sister, nephews, and myself; for my fellow inmates and their families and the staff and their families.
  11. For my son Nathaniel to come to the United States to be with me.
  12. That I will be able to go to find home placement upon release in March.
  13. For my cousin Jan to come up with a way to save her spouse; for my mother’s health and to continue to heal from heart surgery; for my kids to continue excelling in sports and school; for peace and love to spread at IBC.
  14. For the fruits of the Spirit to help and guide my path. Change me, show me your plan and your will; for my family and friends to be blessed.
  15. That I will be able to get in touch with my family and that I will be able to be with them soon.
  16. For my son Nathaniel, who I found out about.
  17. For my upcoming court case; that my family will come back into my life.
  18. For my mother Sharon who’s in the hospital recovering from a heart attack.
  19. For forgiveness in my heart so that I can forgive those who trespassed against me as the Lord has forgiven me for trespassing against him.
  20. For my sister to start talking to our family again.
  21. That my parents will stay healthy as they are in their 90’s; for me to stay on a closer walk with God.  
  22. That the Lord continues to lay his hands on my family.
  23. For my wife Patricia to continue to grow stronger in health and peace of mind. She is recovering from cancer.
  24. That God will help me find my way and get to know his word better.
  25. For strength and knowledge to rebuke Satan’s deceptions and traps; for the spiritual gift of discernment; for healing and a mind focused on God, His word, and what is pure and acceptable in his eyes; for me, my family, and my enemies.
  26. For healing, my family, and my mom.
  27. For my wife Harriet who has limited finances and debts incurred prior to my incarceration, threats of garnishment, property seizures, and judgments; for her health, bad knees, and me being here that she receives God’s mercy and grace.
  28. For the brothers and sisters to stay on the path you have made for us; that I will stop struggling with my forgiveness and not get lost in negative activities; that I will keep focused on God.
  29. For all the world, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, etc., because Jesus is an example, the word of God is for all lost sheep.
  30. For my brother to keep the light and give his life to God; that when I go home, I will not slip off track.
  31. PRAISE REPORT: Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.
  32. PRAISE REPORT:  Lord thank you for our MSOP group and Brother Hall completing the program. We ask that you put your hand on him to guide him where he needs to be.

Please take a few minutes to pray over each of these prayer requests. Our inside members truly appreciate your prayers, love, and support. God Bless……       JSH